Monday, September 14, 2009

Love, the Final Frontier

After much procrastination and resistance, the constant hounding of people who actually ride the magical and ridiculous Floyd blog wave have convinced me to unleash this next one to the whole blogging world. I'm writing the following post knowing full well that I will surly take quite a bit of flack in its wake. On the same token I'm expecting every highly emotional female in the free world to pour their tender little hearts out to me. Yes those tender little hearts that they have hidden under those cute little tata's. This should be interesting... as if I, Bryan Floyd actually have an effin' clue what the hell I'm talking about, hear goes nothin'.

Love... yeah, that's right i said it. It's quite fragile this thing that we call love, almost like grandmas fine china but with more emotions attached. Don't get me wrong I've seen grandma weep over her broken dinner plates before but not like this. What i mean to say is that one day just like that fucking late 90's song your sister has on a mix-tape somewhere, you're "truly, madly, deeply" in love. If you're not careful with this love, just with the flick of a switch it could all just fade away. This leaves you with your thoughts and possibly that blow up doll that your buddy duct tapped you to that one birthday when you passed out at the bar.

The age old saying that "it's better to have loved than to never have loved at all" by my perception which isn't worth much by the way... has proven true time and time again. Love is this timeless emotion, you never forget the feeling. I have already forgotten what i had for lunch today but I will never forget my first love or my second for that matter. It's truly a feeling that sticks with you forever. What exactly is love though? Is love not the act of two beings who are utterly and immensely smitten with each other to the point where metaphorically speaking they share the same heart? Is the feeling of butterflies and the utter joy that you receive when you're with your counterpart not what makes it all worth while to let yourself fall for someone? I mean realistically there is a whole other aspect when it comes to love; i.e. the chemical aspect being the presence of pheromones and endorphins but I'm not gonna bore you with things that I truly don't know shit-all about. Obviously I didn't write the book on love but I believe it should almost come with a rule book attached to it. I would say that truth, trust, faithfulness, kindness, forgiveness would surely have to be on the first page of this book or at the very least in the first chapter. It must also cover about a thousand other chapters including one that touches on the act of loving someone unconditionally. Loving somebody for all of their faults, all of their inconsistencies, all of those little character traits especially the ones that drive you fucking banana sandwich. All of those little anatomises need to be rolled up and thrown out the window of a speeding car like your urine on a long road trip.

If nothing else, remember this... Love will always win by default! You can't fight the feeling, it's inevitable. I would personally characterize love as finding that one magical person that when your eyes meet, when your lips touch, when your fingers lock, everything else in your life just seems so insignificant in that one precious moment. It's almost like the whole world stops and all that's left is you and your significant other. If you have ever felt the raw emotion that overcomes you like a title wave on the ocean then by my standards you have experienced true love. Personally I haven't had my sensitive little heart broken since I was about 16. The funny thing about this is that when I was 16, I had no clue what the hell love was. I was oblivious to this whole wonderful world but it still hurt to have lost someone that was so close to me. I think this is the point when you can truly tell that you possess these feelings of love for another person. Heartbreak has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. It's an emotional hurricane that passes through you leaving nothing but rubble and a broken shell of the person that you used to be.

Apparently I've been working on breaking hearts for years it seems. I've come to find in my 25+ years on this planet that an abundance of lost souls, mostly females might I add, have let themselves fall for Dr. Floyd. Wise men have said that I'm doomed when it comes to love. Some have even called me out on this stating that I'm a complete asshole, idiot, douchebag. Most of them were probably right. Some ex mates may even want to punch a hole or two through my face, this goes without saying. These things are beyond me, to bring me back to my original point, love is fragile. I can't help this fact. Excuse me for being slightly redundant but the heart wants what the heart wants. All I know is that I'm happier with what I have at this current juncture of my life than I've even been. The love that I feel today is without a doubt the most genuine feeling that I've had for a significant other in a long time... possible ever. So it seems that i have a mission if i chose to except which i willingly do. My mission is to try extra hard not to fuck this one up. For now I'm just going to enjoy living in the moment and riding this magical wave while trying my damn hardest to avoid "hurricane" season!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The What's What

Hey, remember me? Soooo yeah, once upon a time i had this blog... One cold and rainy summers day(as a side note, I'm not exactly sure which cold and rainy summers day this was being as we've had a fucking abundance of them.) I woke up and realized that I'm worthless when it comes to keeping this damn thing up to date. Call it lack of motivation, call it laziness, call it whatever you want.... I'm just gonna come out and claim that Froid needed to recharge his creative juices, plus it was your fault! And yes i refer to myself using my nickname in the 3rd person now, wanna fight about it?

So whats going on in the world? Firstly, it's time you realize that the world is fucked and all the carbons and pollution that we have clogged our beautiful planet with are probably going to lead to our demise before we, Generation Y, aka. the echo boomers, aka. the new boomers, aka. the Nintendo age even get to see the birth of our grandchildren. Sad story yes but I can't control Armageddon. I'm an optimist though, clearly I can't control the irreversible effects that we have slain our planet with beyond my own personal will to be more environmentally sound. By this I mean little things such as actually throwing trash in a garbage can instead of on my lawn which seems slightly insignificant, check that... incredibly insignificant when you have a Mayor with his head so far up his ass that he doesn't realize the effects of a 39 day garbage strike in the peak of the summer until the fucking squirrels all turn green. I'm talking about little things such as turning off the water while you brush your teeth, quick/colder showers, using less energy(turning off your damn lights when you leave the house!), Recycling, and of course... car pooling which sounds a lot more fun than it actually is, pool noodles and water wings just aren't the same in a Ford Windstar.

In other news, it's no longer a secret that all cyclists are apparent drunken assholes and politicians are all just assholes in general. Former attorney general Michael Bryant recently showed us that wearing a bike helmet is not so safe after all, in fact it protects against everything but the rear wheels of some rich dicks Saab. All in all cycling in the financial district clearly needs to be outlawed to save lives!

It seems that two big anniversaries, the death of a pop legend, a Major League meltdown and a twister inside the city limits have passed as well in my blogging absence.

It's been just over a year now since the explosion that rocked the T dot O dot one of a kind. August 5Th 2008 showed Torontonians why propane leaks are much worse for your health than smoking cigarettes. An explosion which will be etched in the minds of Torontonians for some years to come brought the citizens of Toronto together in the wee hours of the morning thinking that we had been personally been attacked by Osama Bin something or another. A supposed frequent occurrence at Sunrise being that of a non regulation and illegal truck to truck propane transfer was blamed for the massive explosion that shook thousands from their slumber. Camera phones were rolling as everyone within view of this blast became an apparent news reporter. The other anniversary was that of the Northeastern blackout 6 years ago which left 50 million without power, and 100,000 in T.O. alone without electricity. There was no electricity so we turned to warm beers, naked pool parties and the trusty BBQ to get us through the these tough powerless summer days.

M.J.... Pop legend, 80's icon, inventor of the moon walk and the man who wrote Thriller seemed to have fended off "Whacko" by staying out of the negative spotlight for a little bit. After all the negativity surrounding Michael Jackson in the past 10 or so years he seemed to redeem himself, preserving his legacy proving that it is better to burn out then to fade away. Although I'm not entirely sure that Jacko burned out or faded away... he kinda just slipped away and hung in limbo there for awhile but you know what I mean. Fresh off the announcement of an M.J. comeback tour came the disappointing end that rocked the world. Millions of die hard fans and crazy bitches everywhere were brought to their knees after this announcement, flags were at half mass and day cares even opened there doors as a sign of respect.... too soon?

A touchy subject that I will keep extremely brief is that of the Toronto BooJays.... I only criticize because i love. It was May 19Th when the Blue Birds marched into BoSox territory sitting first in the AL by 3.5 games after a gallant sweep of the ChiSox. Reality check, apparently we're still stuck in the god damn AL East. So we dropped the next 9 games on the road and came back to Toronto to begin our descend down the leader ladder. Falling apart in a fashion that even the 2006 U.S. Open at Wingedfoot version of Phil Mickelson wouldn't wanna watch. That brings us to today where we are an impossible 26.5 games out of 1st and a not so respectable 18 games out of the wild card race, WTF????????!!!!! The Cons.... we're clearly not making the playoffs this season which has come to be the norm in recent years and by recent years i mean since '93. The pros.... the emergence of Brett Cecil, Scott Richmond, Ricky Romero, Aaron Hill, and Adam Lind. If we can piece together a bullpen that doesn't include Jesse Carlson or Brandon "Grand Slam" League in the off season as well as picking up a hot DH bat and just try to stay healthy next season for the first time ever then BANG!!! The Toronto Blue Jays are 2010 World Series Champs!!

August 20Th, 2009 is a date that will be marked down on many Torontonians calenders as one of the most terrifying storms to break through the Toronto city limits. I was at work on the afternoon of August 20Th when the hair on my arm stood straight up and a little bit of poo may have penetrated my underwear. I sat down to eat my toasted garden veggie begal with cream cheese which may have also been a cause for the back door breech. I sat back and watched one of the most awesome and terrifying thunderstorms I've ever seen in my life while cracking jokes and laying down my best Brian Johnson impression by singing songs like Thunderstruck and Dirty Deeds for some strange reason. All the while there was a racist Italian hating twister tearing through the Woodbridge/Vaughn area. Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton were nowhere to be found. What really burns my bridges is that this actually negates my previous claim that Toronto is impervious to natural disasters. Damn you mother nature, damn you to hell!

Last and definitely least I have to say that on a personal note I believe that I have things figured out for the first time in my life and I am truly and genuinely happy. This seems slightly funny and a little ridiculous being as I've always been that fun loving guy. I've always showed my pleasure with life on the outside and never really held back but this time around I am at one with myself. I feel as though i have found this sort of a zen like state if you will. I'm like a Buddhist of sorts i guess but not really. I'm really just Froid being Froid.... kinda like Manny but without the roids, and the dreads, and the home runs for that matter, plus I'm not Puerto Rican.... okay so nothing like Manny then.

Peace Out Peeps!