Friday, April 17, 2009

Brain Dead Politics!

Okay, let me get this straight because I'm pretty sure the Afghan government just passed a law that gives the thumbs up to rape women. This new law states that it is ILLEGAL for Afghan women to refuse sex from their husbands and requires them to get a male relatives permission to leave the house? WOW, are you effin' kidding me?!! This is an enormous leap back in terms of women's rights and a complete mindfuck if you ask me!

The Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001 saw many rights taken away from Shia women. Since the fall of the Taliban regime the women of Afghanistan have been allowed to return back to work, the government no longer forces them to wear the all covering burqa, and they have been able to possess prominent positions in the government. Where as while the Taliban was still in power Afghan women were forbidden leave the house without a male escort, they were not allowed to work, they were not even allowed to seek medical help from a male doctor. Aside from this they were also forced to cover themselves from head to toe as well as covering their eyes. These are respectable women being taken from their jobs. Doctors, teachers, government officials suddenly forced to be beggars and prostitutes in order to feed their families. Now for some idiotic reason in which I don't believe will ever truly be understood the Afghan govenment has chosen to revert back to this. This is the most disturbing, disrespectful and absolutely disgusting thing I have ever heard of in my life. We are all God's creatures and we're all human beings, we should be treated as equals, without prejudice, without favouritism, without quarrel!

We have soldiers fighting and dying in Afghanistan every day in order to preserve these very rights and now this fucking asshole Afghan government legislates a Rape law? It seems that every time these women take a step forward there's somebody to push them 10 steps back. I mean, a law that gives a man the "RIGHT" to basically rape women and have it be justified...... seriously? "Have sex with me or you're under arrest". Is it just me or does this not sound like a bad Wes Craven movie, "Freddy's Worst Nightmare"! I'm really questioning humanity at this point, are we such savages that it has actually come to this?!

There was a public outcry aimed in the direction of government officials by a considerably small group of women, a small group of strong independent women with a big voice that is! About 300 women showed up at a demonstration in Kabul to protest outside of a Shia Mosque which was credited with helping to craft this ridiculous law. They were there to make it known that they weren't going to stand by and let these brain dead politicians take their rights away. Female police officers joined hands to form a human shield around the demonstrators. They were fighting for their rights as women, they were fighting for their rights as human beings. These women rouse up, they were beaten and pelted by the stones of Afghan men but stood their ground.

Lawrence Cannon(Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister) has said that Afghan officials assured him they would delete "contentious clauses" from the legislation. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that this law is under review and will not be implemented in its current form. A little too late if you ask me as this terrible law should never have been implemented in the first place. The government officials responsible for this law should all be pissed on and hung!

It's been nearly 1400 years since Islam demanded that men and women be equal before God. Apparently somewhere through the annals of time, equality along with human decency and basic morals must have flown out the window.
Peace Out My Human Homies!

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