Tuesday, March 24, 2009

U.S.A-holes... An Unbelievably Filthy Show Of Disrespect To Our Canadian Troops!!!

I am more than a little disturbed and to a certain extent just flat-out shocked that a certain group of Americans could be so ridiculously ignorant. Greg Gutfeld's comments made last week on his late night talk show aired on Fox News have gotten me a little perturbed, better yet, I am completely fucking vexed! I have to applaud this dick head though, he certainly wins the award for most ignorant human being on the face of the Earth. I still can't believe that someone could have the audacity to say something so ridiculously offensive! I'll start off by saying that I for one do not except this bogus/bullshit forced apology, I mean, yes I appreciate the fact that he was forced to apologize for his disgustingly lewd and ignorant comments after being called out on it but I'm not buying his shit apology. This guy should be off the air for good... this is absolute journalistic filth!

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld, host of "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld," seemed to find the time to spit Rupert Murdoch's semen out of his filthy mouth last Tuesday night when he decided to spout off on a Canadian Military bashing tirade. This tirade was chock-full of incredibly nonsensical and utterly disgusting sarcastic banter along with devious chuckles hinting at the fact that our Canadian armed forces are a "joke". This, no less comes just a couple days before another 4 of our brave Canadian soldiers return home from Afghanistan with a the Maple Leaf draped over their caskets. These 4 brave souls have brought our total to 116 Canadian soldiers killed in action. Clearly it has been a tough road for our Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan but definitely not in ol' Greg's eyes.

Master Corporal Scott Francis Vernelli, Trooper Corey Joseph Hayes, Corporal Tyler Crooks, Trooper Jack Bouthillie are the latest Canadian casualties of the war in Afghanistan. They were at the tail end of their tour and just days away from returning home to their family and friends. These soldiers of which have perished in this war are young men and women who have fought long and hard, men and women who have families back home, men and women who have given their lives for their country in order to fight what is said to be the "greater good". The true fact of the matter is that these Canadian soldiers who a group of ignorant Americans are gawking at, they are the men and women who are producing the most results. Our mission in Afghanistan which began in 2002 has been quite successful, we are fighting off the insurgence and we're doing it quite well. We are on the front lines of this War just like the Americans and we are the ones with our neck out on the line helping them! The Canadians, by the way Greg, are the ones building your damn armoured vehicles and fighting your fucking war for you, you ignorant asshole!

Greg Gutfeld is a no talent ass-clown who somehow makes a living hosting a round-table chat show on Fox News that clearly has no viewers... at least not anymore that is, otherwise I'm not so sure he would stoop to such disgusting lows in a desperate attempt to boost ratings. This idiot should be cleaning my toilet with his tongue for a living. I especially found it to be quite cute when Greg had his funny little guests come out and join in on the laughs at the expense of 116 Canadian deaths no less. Yeah, real funny stuff you're dealing with there chuckles, good one!

Greg rolled right on and shot his mouth off, mocking Canadian Lt. Gen. Andrew Leslie, chief of land staff who has recently stated that the Canadian military may take a year long hiatus in 2011 to restaff and restock. Greg proceeded from his little chair in a room in middle America, free and safe under the blanket of protection that our Canadian "joke" Military has created for him. In the interview he goes on to say "Once their Afghan mission winds down sometime in 2011, certain members of the Canadian military are looking to take a much-deserved break. And by certain members I mean all of them, meaning, the Canadian military wants to take a breather to do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the beach in gorgeous white Capri pants." then he went on to say "Isn't this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country? They have no army!" First off... how is this even relevant? I didn't realize that Canada is at War with the US. So then Greg-O's partner in crime Doug Benton decides to break out his 2 cents with a cute little chirp of his own, saying "I didn't even know that they were in the war, I thought that's where you go if you didn't want to fight, go chill in Canada"............ WOW! Did we not deploy troops to Afghanistan almost immediately after the US? Interesting. This just shows the true demeanor of certain people. The pure and utter ignorance that can be portrayed when people like these douche bags have nothing better to talk about. These 2 idiots are the journalistic equivalent of a reach around with a hook hand at a grimy night club in the slums of suburbia. Cut and dry... this was an absolutely sickening display of disrespect not only to your brethren but to your bordering country. I'm just going out on a limb here but I'm willing to bet that these 2 fucking idiots are the same assholes who boo our national anthem while we stand firm and honour theirs!

Canada's Defense Minister Peter MacKay was livid after hearing the "chirp squad", calling what was said on Red Eye disgusting and crass, insensitive, and in fact disgusting. MacKay immediately demanded an apology to the Canadian Government by the host of Red Eye and the Fox Network. A formal apology was issued on Monday afternoon by Greg Gutfeld. MacKay has also called out Fox saying "There should be an apology to the families in particular, to the Canadian Forces, and to Canada generally, given the sacrifice and the commitment that we've demonstrated in Afghanistan and I couldn't agree more. The Canadian military has taken one of the biggest hits in Afghanistan suffering a substantial amount of casualties.

This whole situation just seems to beg the question, if we're just being scrutinized, picked fun at, and under appreciated in what is clearly someone elses War...... then why is it that we are even there? Oh yeah, just one more thing about Greg Gutfeld while we're still on the subject of shoddy journalism... FUCK YOU GREG GUTFELD, ignorant prick!!!

I can't even begin to express the gratitude in which we owe to our Canadian Troops. We pray that you all make it back home to Canada, safe and sound. Support Our Troops, Salute Our Soldiers, Honour Our Hero's!

Peace Out Friends!
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