Friday, March 6, 2009

The Invasion Of Comics

It turns out that comic books are not just for the comic nerds after all. I'm not talking about the Newspaper shorts such as Garfield or Hagar the Horrible. Everyone loves to dip into that comic section of the newspaper every once in a while in an attempt to try and reconnect with their childhood even if only for a couple of minutes. No, I am talking about true full length comic books.

I remember going through what was a short stint of Batman and Spider-Man comics as a child but never really got interested in them to the point where they were a must have. Back in those days the brunt of my focus was on Ninja Turtles and Tonka Trucks, Hot Wheels and Crash Test Dummies. Realistically, I've never been too interested in comics nor did I truly understand the appeal of them until recently. Lately I've noticed that there has been this sort of "comic boom" in which everyone seems to be reading these colourful graphic works of literacy.

The movies are surly to thank for the sudden change of heart and mind towards comics. The movies that have been released within the past couple years are genius... true genius! With the release of every one of these comic based movies, they are not only marketing the movie as a product but the book, novel, comic as well. A perfect example of this is how I was steered in the direction of the Watchmen. What seems like about 5 years ago now I watched a teaser trailer for the Watchmen movie. This trailer has had me pumped to catch this movie on the big screen for many months now.

After watching the Watchmen trailer a couple months ago I learned that the movie was based on a graphic novel written by Alan Moore (V For Vendetta, Swamp Thing, Batman;The Killing Joke). I came across this 12 chapter comic gold mine one day and decided I would give it a chance. This is not just any comic book, Alan Moore has this way of manipulating your mind pumping it with dark themes and cold sadistic visions that are charged by the grandeur of a absolute madman. I won't give away the plot line of this novel, ill leave it for you to discover on your own. After reading Watchmen i have a new found appreciation for comics or "graphic novels", I just got finished reading another Alan Moore masterpiece, Batman;The Killing Joke. This book tells a twisted in depth tale explaining the origins and insanity of everyones favourite batman foe, The Joker, another amazing book!

If you want to read an amazing book and truly want to be wowed, I highly recommend The Watchmen. That brings me back to the movie, tomorrow is friggin' WATCHMEN DAY!!! I haven't been this jacked up to pay an arm and a leg to watch a movie since Paris Hilton's sex tape came out on DVD! Twas the night before Watchmen and all through the house...... This movie is going to be epic!

Peace Out Friends!


metallica said...

nice men
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fr0id said...

Thanks Bud... I'm soooo pumped for that movie!!!