Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breeders Vs. Cheaters... Pro Abortion is Pro Death?

Being as it's no secret that everything about Bryan Floyd is controversial, allow me to weigh in on a sensitive subject. Lately I've encountered a certain group of extremists preaching outside of my gym. I go through my normal routine, get off the bus and make my walk to the fitness center. Recently on this short walk I've received a face full of anti-abortion sentiment. Don't get me wrong here, I am all about fighting a cause and standing up for what you believe in... I'm just not buying it though!

These anti-abortion, "pro lifers" are the same people who believe in capitol punishment or that homosexuals aren't equals, I'm pretty sure some of them believe that Elvis is still alive as well. This "cause" is a complete waste of time and is absolute bullshit! We are all sinners under the eyes of "GOD" whether we want to admit it or not. There are so many other problems in the world that we could be expending time on, so many issues we could be dealing with but we choose to waste our time on something so obscure. Now I'm not saying there's any problem with procreation, I'm as pro life as they come although I contradict myself slightly by believing that the Earths population is overcrowded but that's another ballgame all together, Thanks Cheeks!

The question here is really, should a mother not have the right to choose? The choice alone is a soul sucking, mind gouging, gigantic gaping wound that is left on your conscience. Do these women really deserve to have it rubbed in their faces and hung over their heads. I believe in bringing a child into the world under the right circumstances. Example... an already povershed or low income family plans to have a child, the father leaves the mother to fend for herself and raise the child on her own with little to no income. Being as she has practically no source of income she cant feed clothe, shelter her child. She cannot raise her child in an appropriate atmosphere. Not only is the child suffering in this case but the mother is suffering as well. Now you tell me, is this acceptable? Is this the way a life should be lived because a document written two, three thousand years ago says so. I understand this is an extreme case but it's also a reality, this is happening everyday throughout the world. Here's a couple more questions. Are these anti-abortionists reaching out to women? Are they opening their wallets, doors to help mothers who've decided to not have an abortion? Do they support single mothers or povershed families? The answer to these questions is NO, they're too busy on the "front lines" preaching the word of the "Lord" whoever that might be. I see this as disgusting, this is extremely selfish and an utterly ridiculous battle being fought and I really wish it wasn't being thrown in my face!

At the end of the day, I'd have to say that I do believe in taking responsibility for your actions, whether or not I would like to admit to that sometimes is another story. I'm not exactly saying that i support or agree with abortion, I'm just saying that a mothers right to chose is a sacred thing and should never be questioned or tampered. There's a line in a song by Common that comes to my mind, it goes "from now on I'm gonna use self control instead of birth control cause $315 ain't worth your soul, $315 ain't worth it". This cannot be more true, it is something you must live with within yourself but it is also a decision that should never be questioned! All I'm saying here is to be careful, make informed decisions, don't jump to conclusions and make the right choice, make a choice that you wont regret and one that is best for you and your family. There are plenty modes of birth control out there so use em! Now I'm gonna get out of here before i start sounding too much like Sue Johanson!
Peace Out Peeps!


Agata said...

believing that the Earths population is overcrowded

I agree with that and think that every country should start developing some maximum amount of children rules. If we keep going this way, our Earth will collapse by the end of the century. It wasn't made to hold so many people . . . why do you think we have global warming? We're using more sources than is natural . . .

Also, I'm pro-choice and damn proud of it too! But why in the world are they protesting outside of a fitness center? Are there secret abortions being done there? =P Oh all right, this isn't a laughing matter . . .

Chico said...

Once again impressed. Well written/said. Its hard enough to make such a decision with condemnation. Plus, if they are so prolife then they should help the families, mothers and children who actually are (without a doubt in anyones mind) already alive.
Self rightousness is one of humanities greatest flaws. Thanks for putting that out there bro. Keep up the good blogs :).