Friday, February 27, 2009

Rise Against and Rancid, Canadian Tour!!!

Rise Against and Rancid on tour... together?!?!?! I'm just going to come right out and state that this is the greatest match-up since peanut butter and jam, possibly even chicken wings and beer. The show is scheduled for July 31ST at the Molson Amphitheatre of all places. Not sure if I'll ever truly understand this move as it's not exactly my favourite venue for a show of this nature but it's the last stop on the tour and being as Toronto is pretty much the birthplace of Rise Against, it will definitely be a phenomenal show.

Rancid are a punk rock 4-some from Albany, California who formed in 1991, obviously veterans of the punk rock game. They are sure to tear the house down with their old school garage pop, punk, thrash, ska, in your face style. Vocalists and front man duo Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksenis are true musical geniuses. They have this sort of spit in your face grungy punk persona that just appeals to punk lovers everywhere. These punkers have been entertaining spiky haired, chain-wallet rocker kids with their cool grooves and punk rhythms for years and are definitely one of my favourites. It will be my first time seeing this legendary punk group live, I'm pretty jacked up!

As for Rise Against... what can I say? This band is surely here to save punk rock! This Chicago Quartet has a "rocktacular" style, a poignant prowess that is compiled of fast paced rhythms and driven by political sensibility. Front man Tim McIlrath has a style that can be matched by very few, his lyrics grip your mind by opening a door to social, political, and world issues. There really aren't too many bands in the "bizz" that can carry as strong of message as Rise against while at the same time packing the same punch of head banging, foot stomping, adrenaline rock. I had a chance to catch them along with fellow rockers Thrice, Alkaline Trio, and Gaslight Anthem a couple months back at the Sound Academy. This show left my beaten and bruised... oh what a show it was!!!

I've been waiting for the opportunity to catch Rise Against in concert again especially since the release of their fifth studio album Appeal to Reason, an amazing disc! Aside from that, Rancid is currently working on a new album, their first one since the release of Indestructible in 2003, it's slated to be released in the spring of 2009. Their set is going to be excellent stimulation for my ear clitoris. There it is, two awesome bands together live... AMAZING! I think I just pooed, Later Peeps.

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