Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Mats Attack!

The life and times of Mats Sundin. When are people going to lay off this guy? In a very short period of time this future Hall Of Famer went from being the whipping boy in Toronto to underachieving whipping boy in Van City.

Is wanting to sit back and ponder your future really illegal? In all fairness Mats really had no obligation to any team, so why are we on his case. Its not exactly as if the leafs were willing to do anything to keep the loyal captain in leaf nation. So tell me... how is it that Mats wanting to retire is disrespectful or dishonest to the leafs organization. Anyone who says that Sundin was not loyal to his team is out of their right minds. Clearly Mats Sundin is the first player to state that he may retire and return to the game, right? I just don't see where mats went wrong in this whole thing, at the end of the day it's really his career and his life.
Mats played over 13 seasons in a leafs uniform, 10 of those bearing the C and not once did he ever hint at wanting a trade out of Toronto, even through the tough times. So what does the Maple Leafs organization go and do... they ask our team captain and a guy who is a consistent player in every aspect of the game and our team leader year in and year out to get out of town when realistically it's the only place he wants to play. This apparently in turn makes our hero for 13 seasons out to be a complete asshole even though he has never signs a contract without a no trade clause.
To say that Mats was lying about not wanting to retire in Toronto is absolutely ridiculous and the most foolish non sense I've ever heard! HE WANTS TO PLAY HOCKEY!!! Mats Sundin... dubbed public enemy numero uno, a trader, a sellout. As a die hard leaf fanatic i can knowingly say that Leaf fans are an impossible bunch of idiots! Rewind back to the McCabe scenario last season, we throw tons of money at McCabe, he just so happens to have a rough season... oh god forbid. B-Mac scores a goal on his own net so we boo him every night, how exactly does this help our team win games? IDIOTS!!!

Moving on from East to West, Mats seems to be taking some serious scrutiny out in Vancouver. It was said recently that Mats has been playing like a 40 year old men's league player. I for one found this to be absolutely hilarious... first off, he is nearly 40 and second he has only been back for a little over a month. He started training to get ready for an NHL season at the mid way point of the damn season, cut the guy a little slack! It's not easy to get an aging, ailing body into game shape let alone do it in such a short period of time. He had to work extremely hard not only to make a quick return but also to be competitive in a league that has turned over to the young guns. With everyone else in the NHL now in mid season form, Mats has just begun his preseason. Correct me if I'm wrong here but didn't Vancouver pick up Sundin for the playoffs, was bringing Mats to the Nucks not to bring home a cup? What I'm really trying to say is "RELAX", Sundin is getting his wings back. Mats now has 7 points in his last 5 games and coming off a 2 goal bout the other night at GM Place it's going to be quite interesting to see if this "40 year old men's league player" can keep up the pace. If Mats does keep this up it will definitely set a fire under the pants of Mats hating Leaf fans and is sure to ignite the Canucks bench. The Mats Attack is back baby and i love it!
Peace Out Friends...

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