Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A-Fraud by Day, A-Roid by Night

It's finally here! That's right 2009, the year which will finally see A-Rods so called "legacy" buried. A-Rod... the lying, cheating, self absorbed ass bag who is hated not only by the vast majority of baseball fans outside of the New York area but as well as in his own clubhouse by coaches and teammates alike.

With Joe Torre's book The Yankee Years in stores now which by the way has been said to go off on a tastefully detailed A-Rod bashing tangent and of course Rodriguez officially publicly announcing his use of Performance Enhancing Drugs this week, the road ahead looks bumpy for A-Fraud.

A-Rod came out of the "roid" closet this week in an interview with ESPN and admitted his use of performance enhancing drugs and HGH between the years of 2001-2003 when he was with the Texas Rangers. Only until 2003 though... how incredibly convenient considering 2003 was just under the wire of the MLB steroid blitz in which the league introduced rules and started to penalize players for steroid usage.

This whole situation to me is similar to Christmas eve when i was a little kid. Christmas day will of course arrive when all the facts have come together and they burn this dick hole once and for good.

So with a looming asterisk beside A-Rods name, who will become the new face of the MLB? Obama said it best, "the thing I'm most concerned about is the message that it sends our kids". I agree... is this lying, cheating, steroid junkie really someone for our children to look up to and idolize? Not that he really did anything for the fans anyways besides giving them a reason to "boo" him in the post season. A-Rod signing an autograph... lets be realistic here, this man gives absolutely nothing back to the fans unless it has something to do with publicity or money.

I find it a bit humorous that the MLB was quick to come out and defend the "face of the league" where as they wasted no time tossing McGuire, Palmeiro, and Bonds to the lions den. And poor Roger, they put this man through a torturous hearing before congress in which I "misremember" what the hell it is that Clemons was even trying to convey! So now we're supposed to give Alex a pat on the back for admitting that he cheated, oh how honourable of you A-Rod.

It's really quite hard to judge at this point what is going to come of all this, 2009 may in fact be the downfall of A-Rods career. All I know is that it's definitly going to be a tough year for Alex Rodriguez and an excellent year for heckling! Later Friends!

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