Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Behind Brown Eyes... The Year That Changed My Life

My long awaited return to the wonderful world of blogging has arrived, the Floydtastic Blog is back in action! After a long and drawn out hiatus from my blog I am officially back from my mental vacation and am going to blog my bloggin' ass off! Now that I'm packed with some new fresh ideas and the wheels are back on the wagon I figured I would take a break from my usual sports star/politician bashing to talk about myself for once.

It's been quite an interesting year in the life of Bryan Floyd. In the past year I've gone through some big changes... finally got some hair in those special areas for starters, dropped a solid Jason Blake(55) pounds to become the sexy svelte man that I am today, even started writing a bit. I began thinking about my future, thinking about my career and what it would hold for me... so much so that it was keeping me up at night. At this point I decided it was time for me to do something with my life but what exactly was the question. Cue Howard Thomas, I received a call one day from good ol' Howie T asking me to come and meet him at his office. I got all dolled up as if I was interviewing to save my life and headed down to Sauga to meet up with the Boss. After speaking to Howie I realized that there was an untapped potential, realized that I had a gift, that there was so much for me to achieve in my life. I was just sitting on an abundance of talent and needed to put myself to the test. I left Howie's office that day with a new level of confidence in myself, confident that I could do anything I put my mind to and all I could think about was my life long dream of being on the radio. I went home that day and filled out that College application that had been sitting idle on my computer for months. A couple months pass, Christmas and New Years were great with my friends and family of course. Then a letter comes in the mail one day, I'm invited to attend an Assessment for the radio broadcasting program at Humber. Fast forward about a month, I walk into Humber for that assessment a bit nervous but as soon as I walked through those doors I knew that I had it!

So here I am after nearly 25 years of my life on track after receiving the acceptance letter that will see me enrolled at Humber College for radio broadcasting come September! I am literally like a little kid in a candy store right now, I can hardly contain myself. Just the thought of being that guy who takes your mind away to another place for whatever period of time on the radio gets me all giddy. Being the guy who calms you on your morning drive to work, the one who you turn to after a long day, this is what drives me.

I had a chance to speak with George Strombolopoulos upon running into him conveniently enough on the eve before my big assessment day. I asked "Strombo" what to expect, explained to him my fears, and asked what inspired him. George being the laid back guy that he is simply told me "if you want something bad enough, if you're passionate and you thrive for it... nothing can stop you!" These words have stuck with me ever since and I'm sure will be with me no matter where I end up in life.

I've figured out that I am my own inspiration, I inspire myself to achieve greatness. Sometimes you just need a push in the right direction. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have people around me who care and look out for me! So here I am finally chasing my dreams, reaching for those stars and I wont stop till I get there! I love you all... Peace Out Friends!

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