Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Get On Up, It's Apology time! COOL RUNNINGS!

The following blogtacular is in response to the recent group of U of T students who took a great deal of flack over what was simply a harmless Halloween costume.

At a Halloween party on the night of October 29, 2009, the U of T students photographed above wore brightly coloured tracksuits, a dreadlock wig and Jamaican flag T-shirts. The 4 white students, posing as the Jamaican Bobsled team wore brown foundation making them look dark like me in the dead of summer... Or would that be red paint? There was also one Trinidadian student, posing as Coach played by John Candy who wore white face paint. Not only did they get castrated by some of their peers, they ended up writing a formal apology to the BSA (Black Student Association). Is it just me or is this not absolutely ridiculous?! Now, i realize that your ignorance may lead you to call me racist or apathetic but I'd like you to first hear me out on this issue. I assure you that I am far from possessing these characteristics.

Upon learning about this Halloween costume the Black Students Association sought after a written apology from the three colleges that threw the Halloween party. The BSA along with a couple other student groups ended up scheduling a townhall meeting in which the bobsled team from U of T attended. It was at this point that the aforementioned students issued a formal written apology.

Does this spark the death of fun? Are we really that overly sensitive in today's society that we can't play tribute to this major cult classic of our generation? What's next? Kids can't dress up like cowboys or police officers because they're mocking them? Are we really that fucking fickle that these students need to be castrated? We've come a long way in human rights. To me this seems like a step back in equality. We are long past the days of black and white, especially in a cultural melting pot such as Toronto. I can't understand how this was even remotely controversial... it's nothing more than a fucking costume. It's not a matter of black, white, brown, green, or purple... it's really a couple uneducated, eccentric idiots throwing their arms up because they have nothing better to do than turn a bit of little fun into political uproar.

Enough bullshit already, I dressed up as Bert from sesame street, are they going to castrate me because I'm not actually Bert from sesame street? I'm sure that somewhere an 8 year old was offended by my costume, I better write an apology. I've got an idea, let's just outlaw Halloween all together! Oh and another idea, well we're at it we'll outlaw Christmas too. Christmas trees are hereby illegal (GAVEL)! Un-fucking believable. This is the death of fun! Fun is illegal... Give 'em a ticket officer, he's having far too much fun!

I really don't understand why this group of students deserves to be penalized because a group of uneducated nothings can't take a joke. While i can respect the fact that the U of T students did the Honourable thing by issuing and apology, they never should have been forced into this situation to begin with.

The truly ironic thing about all of this is that the movie Cool Runnings itself was a comedy! Hmm, makes you think doesn't it? We are slowly becoming one with the animals, we seem to be evolving backwards. Shit like this makes me wonder about today's society. Live your life and cut out the bullshit, life's too short to dwell on irrelevant nonsense!!

What are your thoughts on this?

Peace Out Friends!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Love, the Final Frontier

After much procrastination and resistance, the constant hounding of people who actually ride the magical and ridiculous Floyd blog wave have convinced me to unleash this next one to the whole blogging world. I'm writing the following post knowing full well that I will surly take quite a bit of flack in its wake. On the same token I'm expecting every highly emotional female in the free world to pour their tender little hearts out to me. Yes those tender little hearts that they have hidden under those cute little tata's. This should be interesting... as if I, Bryan Floyd actually have an effin' clue what the hell I'm talking about, hear goes nothin'.

Love... yeah, that's right i said it. It's quite fragile this thing that we call love, almost like grandmas fine china but with more emotions attached. Don't get me wrong I've seen grandma weep over her broken dinner plates before but not like this. What i mean to say is that one day just like that fucking late 90's song your sister has on a mix-tape somewhere, you're "truly, madly, deeply" in love. If you're not careful with this love, just with the flick of a switch it could all just fade away. This leaves you with your thoughts and possibly that blow up doll that your buddy duct tapped you to that one birthday when you passed out at the bar.

The age old saying that "it's better to have loved than to never have loved at all" by my perception which isn't worth much by the way... has proven true time and time again. Love is this timeless emotion, you never forget the feeling. I have already forgotten what i had for lunch today but I will never forget my first love or my second for that matter. It's truly a feeling that sticks with you forever. What exactly is love though? Is love not the act of two beings who are utterly and immensely smitten with each other to the point where metaphorically speaking they share the same heart? Is the feeling of butterflies and the utter joy that you receive when you're with your counterpart not what makes it all worth while to let yourself fall for someone? I mean realistically there is a whole other aspect when it comes to love; i.e. the chemical aspect being the presence of pheromones and endorphins but I'm not gonna bore you with things that I truly don't know shit-all about. Obviously I didn't write the book on love but I believe it should almost come with a rule book attached to it. I would say that truth, trust, faithfulness, kindness, forgiveness would surely have to be on the first page of this book or at the very least in the first chapter. It must also cover about a thousand other chapters including one that touches on the act of loving someone unconditionally. Loving somebody for all of their faults, all of their inconsistencies, all of those little character traits especially the ones that drive you fucking banana sandwich. All of those little anatomises need to be rolled up and thrown out the window of a speeding car like your urine on a long road trip.

If nothing else, remember this... Love will always win by default! You can't fight the feeling, it's inevitable. I would personally characterize love as finding that one magical person that when your eyes meet, when your lips touch, when your fingers lock, everything else in your life just seems so insignificant in that one precious moment. It's almost like the whole world stops and all that's left is you and your significant other. If you have ever felt the raw emotion that overcomes you like a title wave on the ocean then by my standards you have experienced true love. Personally I haven't had my sensitive little heart broken since I was about 16. The funny thing about this is that when I was 16, I had no clue what the hell love was. I was oblivious to this whole wonderful world but it still hurt to have lost someone that was so close to me. I think this is the point when you can truly tell that you possess these feelings of love for another person. Heartbreak has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. It's an emotional hurricane that passes through you leaving nothing but rubble and a broken shell of the person that you used to be.

Apparently I've been working on breaking hearts for years it seems. I've come to find in my 25+ years on this planet that an abundance of lost souls, mostly females might I add, have let themselves fall for Dr. Floyd. Wise men have said that I'm doomed when it comes to love. Some have even called me out on this stating that I'm a complete asshole, idiot, douchebag. Most of them were probably right. Some ex mates may even want to punch a hole or two through my face, this goes without saying. These things are beyond me, to bring me back to my original point, love is fragile. I can't help this fact. Excuse me for being slightly redundant but the heart wants what the heart wants. All I know is that I'm happier with what I have at this current juncture of my life than I've even been. The love that I feel today is without a doubt the most genuine feeling that I've had for a significant other in a long time... possible ever. So it seems that i have a mission if i chose to except which i willingly do. My mission is to try extra hard not to fuck this one up. For now I'm just going to enjoy living in the moment and riding this magical wave while trying my damn hardest to avoid "hurricane" season!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The What's What

Hey, remember me? Soooo yeah, once upon a time i had this blog... One cold and rainy summers day(as a side note, I'm not exactly sure which cold and rainy summers day this was being as we've had a fucking abundance of them.) I woke up and realized that I'm worthless when it comes to keeping this damn thing up to date. Call it lack of motivation, call it laziness, call it whatever you want.... I'm just gonna come out and claim that Froid needed to recharge his creative juices, plus it was your fault! And yes i refer to myself using my nickname in the 3rd person now, wanna fight about it?

So whats going on in the world? Firstly, it's time you realize that the world is fucked and all the carbons and pollution that we have clogged our beautiful planet with are probably going to lead to our demise before we, Generation Y, aka. the echo boomers, aka. the new boomers, aka. the Nintendo age even get to see the birth of our grandchildren. Sad story yes but I can't control Armageddon. I'm an optimist though, clearly I can't control the irreversible effects that we have slain our planet with beyond my own personal will to be more environmentally sound. By this I mean little things such as actually throwing trash in a garbage can instead of on my lawn which seems slightly insignificant, check that... incredibly insignificant when you have a Mayor with his head so far up his ass that he doesn't realize the effects of a 39 day garbage strike in the peak of the summer until the fucking squirrels all turn green. I'm talking about little things such as turning off the water while you brush your teeth, quick/colder showers, using less energy(turning off your damn lights when you leave the house!), Recycling, and of course... car pooling which sounds a lot more fun than it actually is, pool noodles and water wings just aren't the same in a Ford Windstar.

In other news, it's no longer a secret that all cyclists are apparent drunken assholes and politicians are all just assholes in general. Former attorney general Michael Bryant recently showed us that wearing a bike helmet is not so safe after all, in fact it protects against everything but the rear wheels of some rich dicks Saab. All in all cycling in the financial district clearly needs to be outlawed to save lives!

It seems that two big anniversaries, the death of a pop legend, a Major League meltdown and a twister inside the city limits have passed as well in my blogging absence.

It's been just over a year now since the explosion that rocked the T dot O dot one of a kind. August 5Th 2008 showed Torontonians why propane leaks are much worse for your health than smoking cigarettes. An explosion which will be etched in the minds of Torontonians for some years to come brought the citizens of Toronto together in the wee hours of the morning thinking that we had been personally been attacked by Osama Bin something or another. A supposed frequent occurrence at Sunrise being that of a non regulation and illegal truck to truck propane transfer was blamed for the massive explosion that shook thousands from their slumber. Camera phones were rolling as everyone within view of this blast became an apparent news reporter. The other anniversary was that of the Northeastern blackout 6 years ago which left 50 million without power, and 100,000 in T.O. alone without electricity. There was no electricity so we turned to warm beers, naked pool parties and the trusty BBQ to get us through the these tough powerless summer days.

M.J.... Pop legend, 80's icon, inventor of the moon walk and the man who wrote Thriller seemed to have fended off "Whacko" by staying out of the negative spotlight for a little bit. After all the negativity surrounding Michael Jackson in the past 10 or so years he seemed to redeem himself, preserving his legacy proving that it is better to burn out then to fade away. Although I'm not entirely sure that Jacko burned out or faded away... he kinda just slipped away and hung in limbo there for awhile but you know what I mean. Fresh off the announcement of an M.J. comeback tour came the disappointing end that rocked the world. Millions of die hard fans and crazy bitches everywhere were brought to their knees after this announcement, flags were at half mass and day cares even opened there doors as a sign of respect.... too soon?

A touchy subject that I will keep extremely brief is that of the Toronto BooJays.... I only criticize because i love. It was May 19Th when the Blue Birds marched into BoSox territory sitting first in the AL by 3.5 games after a gallant sweep of the ChiSox. Reality check, apparently we're still stuck in the god damn AL East. So we dropped the next 9 games on the road and came back to Toronto to begin our descend down the leader ladder. Falling apart in a fashion that even the 2006 U.S. Open at Wingedfoot version of Phil Mickelson wouldn't wanna watch. That brings us to today where we are an impossible 26.5 games out of 1st and a not so respectable 18 games out of the wild card race, WTF????????!!!!! The Cons.... we're clearly not making the playoffs this season which has come to be the norm in recent years and by recent years i mean since '93. The pros.... the emergence of Brett Cecil, Scott Richmond, Ricky Romero, Aaron Hill, and Adam Lind. If we can piece together a bullpen that doesn't include Jesse Carlson or Brandon "Grand Slam" League in the off season as well as picking up a hot DH bat and just try to stay healthy next season for the first time ever then BANG!!! The Toronto Blue Jays are 2010 World Series Champs!!

August 20Th, 2009 is a date that will be marked down on many Torontonians calenders as one of the most terrifying storms to break through the Toronto city limits. I was at work on the afternoon of August 20Th when the hair on my arm stood straight up and a little bit of poo may have penetrated my underwear. I sat down to eat my toasted garden veggie begal with cream cheese which may have also been a cause for the back door breech. I sat back and watched one of the most awesome and terrifying thunderstorms I've ever seen in my life while cracking jokes and laying down my best Brian Johnson impression by singing songs like Thunderstruck and Dirty Deeds for some strange reason. All the while there was a racist Italian hating twister tearing through the Woodbridge/Vaughn area. Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton were nowhere to be found. What really burns my bridges is that this actually negates my previous claim that Toronto is impervious to natural disasters. Damn you mother nature, damn you to hell!

Last and definitely least I have to say that on a personal note I believe that I have things figured out for the first time in my life and I am truly and genuinely happy. This seems slightly funny and a little ridiculous being as I've always been that fun loving guy. I've always showed my pleasure with life on the outside and never really held back but this time around I am at one with myself. I feel as though i have found this sort of a zen like state if you will. I'm like a Buddhist of sorts i guess but not really. I'm really just Froid being Froid.... kinda like Manny but without the roids, and the dreads, and the home runs for that matter, plus I'm not Puerto Rican.... okay so nothing like Manny then.

Peace Out Peeps!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brandon (Minor) League......Man or Mythological Creature Sent Here From the Pitching Underworlds to Shit All Over the Blue Jays Bull Pen?!

The legend of Brandon League lives on through the hearts and minds of misguided children everywhere, and by everywhere I actually mean the year 2006.

Drafted out of high school in 2001 by the Toronto Blue Jays, Brandon paid his dues pitching "effectively" in the Jays minor league system before making his official debut in 2004. Brandon League started off as an effective bullpen pitcher in the late running of the 2004 season showing the Toronto faithful that he had the stuff to become a regular in the Jays lineup. In 2005 he had a stint with the Jays which was pretty much worthy of a spot on a beer league roster somewhere in middle America. In an attempt to restore Jays fans faith in his pitching ability, Brandon broke out of his shell in 2006 where he had a 2.53 ERA over 42.2 innings pitched. Using a combination of the sinker, slider, and a dirty fast ball which topped out around 100mph, he was listed as one of the elite heater pitchers in the majors.

League had his breakout performance and career season in 2006, therefore 2007 has to be the year of Brandon League right? Que what many will agree to be Brandon (Minor) Leagues triumphant climb into the gutter of baseball... In 2007 League started a long haul on the DL, tearing ligaments in his shoulder he was placed on the 15 day DL then later to the 60 day DL beginning what would be a slow ride back to the bigs. In his 11 innings of the 2007 season, Brandon pitched a 6.17 ERA with a heater that most likely topped out at around 93, 94mph...... I can whip up a clubhouse sandwich with the works on it faster than that. Somehow this "hidden gem" (out of respect to his 2.18 ERA in 2008) was largely effective over his 33 innings pitched although nobody blows a lead like Brandon League. His numbers clearly overshadowed the fact that he gets a more than a little shaky with the game on the line. Shaky is an actual understatement.... Brandon League has blown more leads than a detective investigating the JFK assassination!

In his bouncy stint this year with the Blue Birds, League has been largely ineffective having been sent down to AAA Las Vegas a handful of times already. With his beautiful long flowing jet black hair, his bad ass tatt's, and his 93mph fast ball he's a force to be reckoned with.... in New Hampshire that is, playing for our AA Fisher Cats. Brandon League whom I have proudly dubbed "captain 9.00" and "Minor League" has spent more time in Las Vegas this year than your degenerate gambling uncle. This guy has more blows saves than a practice goaly in the NHL. He has given up more hits in the clutch than Steven Seagul on a cruise ship. League currently has in his possession a soft and cuddly 5.93 ERA and sits at 1 win, 3 losses and say about 22 bed shitting innings where he has either blown the lead, blown the save, or blown the game.

The fact of the matter is that Brandon Minor League is clearly detrimental to the Blue Jays roster and truly the least consistent pitcher on the staff. He's really become a fast ball pitcher without a fast ball. He's never been a strong placement pitcher and he's certainly no finesse pitcher. Brandon clearly no longer possesses the skill that ranked him among the best in 2006 and can't seem to find his grove or place his pitches at all. So why is it that we still have this bum? I know our pitching staff is presently a little worn down to say the least but why do we have to keep witnessing the painful sight of Brandon League entering the game in the 7th to blow it? We have many pitchers in our minor league system who could definitely use the experience. We have pitchers such as Hayhurst, Bullington, and Murphy... all of which can at the very least come out of an inning without giving up a no out Grand Slam in the 8th!

Not to knock on J.P.'s door too much here because for the most part I'm impressed with what he's done within the past couple years in T.O. but we should have dropped this loser at the beginning of the season.... surely by the All Star break this asshole needs to be dropped harder than I dropped grade 10 French class! I mean seriously..... hear me out! In 2006 Reed Johnson bats .319, he's among the top class in on base % and is hit by pitch more than anyone in the league. Reed herniates a disk in his back and misses half of the '07 campaign returning to the team ahead of schedule. Reed is by far the grittiest, most hardest working baseball player in the league but after having a painful and slightly unsuccessful half season in 2007 Johnson gets dropped in the spring of '08 to make room for the 72 year old Shannon Stewart who couldn't keep up that .287 career batting average if he was playing fucking tee ball! Sooo to sum this all up, we drop an amazing player (Reed Johnson) to keep a washed up Veteran (Shannon Stewart).... Brandon League is terrible but we'll keep him around so he can keep screwing us over..... what the FUCK?!?!!! Are we slowly becoming the Leafs here? I hear Lloyd Moseby and Candy Maldonado are looking to make a big come back J.P. what do you think?

I can't count how many games Brandon Minor League has blown for the Blue Jays and quite frankly I don't wish to because it makes me want to vomit! So far this year I have been in attendance for 3 blown leads by the "Lead Terminator", 2 of which came within the span of a week. He gives up 5 runs in less than an inning, a grand slam in the 8th without having even recording a single out. It has gotten to the point where Brandon League runs out to the mound and Bryan Floyd runs out the Skydome door. The age old heckle stands true in the case of old Captain 9.00.... "Get off your knees (League), you're blowing the game"!
P.s. J.P, you also need to get off your knees and for the love of God please stop asking John Ferguson Jr. for managerial advice!

Peace Out Ball Fans!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Summertime and the Livin's Easy!

Yes Sirree Bob it's that time of year again! The time of year when mother nature opens her legs exposing her beautiful warmth which we all know as the summertime. She unveils that sun light and warmth that we'd been missing throughout the cold shit-bag winter months. Make no mistake about it friends... the summer is finally here. With the mercury rising up to a sexy deuce deuce this coming Friday only to be outdone by an even sexier Jack Bauer(24) degrees Celsius on Saturday and finishing off at the 23 mark on Sunday I was more then a little excited/inspired to Blog it up about how jacked I am for the summer! Now kick back, put your feet up, throw your shades on and Enjoy bitches!
Summertime!!! Brad Nowell was a man who knew damn well what the hell he was talking about! The summertime is truly a time when the livin's easy. It's the time when we can all just take a deep breath and mellow out! The time when the trees bud, the grass greens, and the flowers grow. The women all retire their parka's and bust out those titty tops. The snow has all melted exposing all those damn cigarette butts that you were too lazy to throw out(DICK). It's the time when we set up our patios, open our pools and stock our coolers to the rim with Molson 50 and Old Milly. A time for hockey playoffs, minus the championship Leafs might I add who are clearly too cool to participate! A time for back yard parties where we kick out the jams, groovin' to the Hip, CCR, Skynyrd, the Stones, and of course Run DMC. Cool breezes and shade are key. Pool beers and sunglasses are a must! We play lawn darts with bottles of Export. We all gather to have BBQ's in which we fry up steaks and ribs that look like they were stolen straight off of a dinner plate in Bedrock. We take bites out of 2 day old burgers then come to the realization that they'd better serve as hockey pucks. Birthdays, holidays, long weekends = fireworks off the roof! Fishing off the dock, tubing, and 4am dance parties at the cottage are frequent occurrences. Camping out in the bush somewhere close to the lake where we get all lit up on Citronella, Jack, and Pabst then decide to declothe and show the rest of the campground how small our penis' really are is back in style. We play scratch golf, baseball, frisbee, and flip cup. The bushes are a great place to be felated! The Humber river is where we reconnect with our childhoods by playing Ghost Busters as we cross our pee streams. We lather each other up as gayly as possible making dick jokes as we attempt to fend off the return of Lobster Boy. Weekend afternoons are spent either on a back deck clinching an ice cold bottle of liquid gold, or at the Dome with an open lid meaning a juicy sunburn, cold crisp 20oz CL, bird shit on those nice blue seats, and a beat down of the AL East at the hands of the Jays under that beauty summer sun. We laze around on lawn chairs or in the grass with a good book. We lounge out with our pooch, taking our dog for frequent walks as we attempt to lure in members of the opposite sex. We throw on a random pair of slippers by the door and take out the trash in our boxers knowing that our neighbours are doing the exact same thing. We can break out the Chucks without getting frostbite in our toes for the first time in months or simply let our sock drawers collect dust as we rock out with sandals. We put our sweaters and toques away replacing them with nice white t-shirts and crisp baseball hats. Night time means we can huddle up in a beater or a hoody depending on our mood or internal temperature and eat potato salad next to the bon fires we've built. Mosquito and horse fly bites are comparable. Sun burns are funny until the next day. The smell of Aloe and Noxzema become quite familiar. Everyone returns from school, we take vacation time, leaving work early and "sick days" are the norm. Lazy afternoons and late nights/early mornings happen on a daily basis. I love the summer baby, 2009... The summer of Love, Amazing! BRING IT ON!!!! Somebody once told me that I am similar to car rims..... meaning that I'm rarely useful and essentially only good in the summer I guess. I of course strongly and rightfully disagree with this statement. My response to this comment: "The summertime is when I shine bitch!" Tell me that while reading through this you didn't crack a big ass smile or think "Fuck, I do that all the time" and I'll call you a filthy liar!
Peace Out Friends, I'll see you in the Sun Bitches!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Brain Dead Politics!

Okay, let me get this straight because I'm pretty sure the Afghan government just passed a law that gives the thumbs up to rape women. This new law states that it is ILLEGAL for Afghan women to refuse sex from their husbands and requires them to get a male relatives permission to leave the house? WOW, are you effin' kidding me?!! This is an enormous leap back in terms of women's rights and a complete mindfuck if you ask me!

The Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001 saw many rights taken away from Shia women. Since the fall of the Taliban regime the women of Afghanistan have been allowed to return back to work, the government no longer forces them to wear the all covering burqa, and they have been able to possess prominent positions in the government. Where as while the Taliban was still in power Afghan women were forbidden leave the house without a male escort, they were not allowed to work, they were not even allowed to seek medical help from a male doctor. Aside from this they were also forced to cover themselves from head to toe as well as covering their eyes. These are respectable women being taken from their jobs. Doctors, teachers, government officials suddenly forced to be beggars and prostitutes in order to feed their families. Now for some idiotic reason in which I don't believe will ever truly be understood the Afghan govenment has chosen to revert back to this. This is the most disturbing, disrespectful and absolutely disgusting thing I have ever heard of in my life. We are all God's creatures and we're all human beings, we should be treated as equals, without prejudice, without favouritism, without quarrel!

We have soldiers fighting and dying in Afghanistan every day in order to preserve these very rights and now this fucking asshole Afghan government legislates a Rape law? It seems that every time these women take a step forward there's somebody to push them 10 steps back. I mean, a law that gives a man the "RIGHT" to basically rape women and have it be justified...... seriously? "Have sex with me or you're under arrest". Is it just me or does this not sound like a bad Wes Craven movie, "Freddy's Worst Nightmare"! I'm really questioning humanity at this point, are we such savages that it has actually come to this?!

There was a public outcry aimed in the direction of government officials by a considerably small group of women, a small group of strong independent women with a big voice that is! About 300 women showed up at a demonstration in Kabul to protest outside of a Shia Mosque which was credited with helping to craft this ridiculous law. They were there to make it known that they weren't going to stand by and let these brain dead politicians take their rights away. Female police officers joined hands to form a human shield around the demonstrators. They were fighting for their rights as women, they were fighting for their rights as human beings. These women rouse up, they were beaten and pelted by the stones of Afghan men but stood their ground.

Lawrence Cannon(Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister) has said that Afghan officials assured him they would delete "contentious clauses" from the legislation. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that this law is under review and will not be implemented in its current form. A little too late if you ask me as this terrible law should never have been implemented in the first place. The government officials responsible for this law should all be pissed on and hung!

It's been nearly 1400 years since Islam demanded that men and women be equal before God. Apparently somewhere through the annals of time, equality along with human decency and basic morals must have flown out the window.
Peace Out My Human Homies!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The World Baseball Not So Classic......

It's been nearly a month now since the World Baseball Classic ended. I bet only a handful of people could tell me who won the championship let alone who was even involved in the tournament. I would bet top dollar that an even smaller group of people actually care.
I'm thinkin' that only the true "base-ballers" know the result of the 2009 World Baseball Classic.

The WBC is a brand spankin' new tournament instated in 2006 and is by many opinion possibly the most poorly organized and marketed tournament in the world. This being the second installment of the World Baseball Classic, players who may have showed slight interest in the first go-around have already turned their heads at what has become a tournament to frown upon. There's really no interest amongst MLB players to participate in the Classic, the WBC surely has a long hard road ahead of them if they plan to be anywhere near as successful as the World Cup of Soccer or even the World Cup of Hockey for that matter. The sheer hilarity behind the fact that countries can't land their top players brings the tournament into question right from the get go. Seems that this tournament is not so "Classic" after all.

Being the hardcore baseball junkie that I am, I sat by and cheered my country on for the second time in 3 years, still bitter about our early dismissal in '06 that is. I even cheered Korea on in their eventual loss to Japan in the finals. Come to think about it, it was truly a quite satisfying end to a tournament in which I believe to be a complete farce in terms of tournaments and a joke to the game of baseball. Granted, part of my anguish towards the tournament may be due to the disappointment myself and the rest of the Vottoholics felt when Joey Votto and Team Canada failed to win a game in the round robin. Although a great deal of my dismay is due to the overall organization or rather disorganization of this tournament. I'm not necessarily saying that the tournament isn't good for the game. I do believe capturing the attention of the World and expanding the game is always going to be a good thing. What I'm trying to say is that taking a bunch of players from around the world away from their respective clubs in the middle of spring training when they are trying to get back in the "swing" of things is not my idea of good tournament scheduling. My question to the WBC organizers is....wouldn't we get a much better product if the tournament was at the end of the MLB season sort of like the Pro Bowl in the NFL for instance? You would have 100% player focus and I'm willing to bet you would grab a lot more Major League interest.

Players are being asked to participate on the world stage after being idle for months, in my view this does not exactly make for the product that fans want to see. Why not take players who are in shape and mid season form, schedule this tournament after the World Series.... if nothing else this would at the very least bridge the gap between seasons for the die hard baseball fan. Spring training is a period when players are recovering from injury, getting in game shape, practicing and perfecting certain parts of their game with their respective clubs. I find the WBC takes away from a players ultimate goal which is to win a World Series Championship. Players dream of one day winning the World Series...... I seldom hear of kids playing in their yards shouting out Cuba wins the World Baseball Classic although I don't hang out in Cuban Yards all that often either.

Some of the best in the bizz bowed out or turned down offers from the 2009 Classic, these names include: Josh Hamilton, Ryan Howard, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Brandon Webb, Cole Hamels, Josh Beckett, A.J. Burnett, Brad Lidge, Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay, Jake Peavy, and Ben Sheets for the USA alone. Team Canada felt some of the same pain with Jason Bay declining a return to the Classic but the toughest blow was taken by Canuck pitching as Erik Bedard, Ryan Dempster, Jeff Francis, Rich Harden, Eric Gagne and most importantly Bryan Floyd were all out of the mix. This trend carried on throughout the tournament with the majority of "qualified" teams struggling to land their top dogs.

Marketing the World Baseball Classic around the MLB almost seemed unnecessary as some of the largest crowds were brought in by teams such as Japan, Korea, Venezuela... etc. It almost seemed that the teams with little to no Major League talent preformed the best in the tournament. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what i could see two of the best clubs definitely showed up in the finals further proving that the Pro's weren't needed. Japan faced off against Korea in a great bout, Goliath Vs. Goliath. These are clearly some of the most talented players in the world and they showed up in the finals of "America's" game, defying all odds. These two squads were full of heart, great players who just love the game of baseball. They weren't multi-million dollar earners with the exception of 5 of the 56 players involved including Ichiro Suzuki and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Seeing these two teams face off in the finals of a tournament which seemed to be heavily in favour of the Americans was justice to me! Lest we forget the round robin of the 2006 World Baseball Classic in which Team Canada and Team USA both had 2 wins a piece. Team Canada defeated the USA for one of their 2 wins but because of some last minute rule book corrections i.e. a little whiteout and a felt tip pen... the USA advanced leaving team Canada out of the tournament. Slightly shady if you ask me.

Japan and Korea should be in the finals of this tournament every year. In fact, they should boot the rest of the world out of the tournament and call it the Asia Classic! This tournament for the most part makes me want to vomit on my chest then take a nap. I have a sneaking suspicion that the World Baseball Classic was created for the USA to win every year as an attempt to rub their "baseball supremacy" in the rest of the worlds face. Turns out that plan backfired! I'd be extremely happy to see these two teams continue to keep that championship out of the USA's hands. Oh HELL YEAH!!!
Peace Out Peeps.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Quest For Fire Ends at Hockey Supremacy!

I guess it's about time I lay my 2 cents out on the table here regarding Alex Ovechkin's 50Th goal "planned" celebration. My feelings are slightly mixed on this topic, likely being the deciding factor behind why I have yet to really dip into the politics behind it. I'm actually a little surprised at myself for waiting this long, it feels like this happened an eternity ago, it was sometime during the Lincoln administration......no? I'm usually the first one to pop off and rant about something to the likes of this, preaching my point until I'm all red in the face and I need to go to the fridge and grab myself some more of Popeye's "spinach". As you all know by now, Bryan Floyd aka Froid aka Bizza Frizzakian is quite an opinionated guy and extremely stubborn to boot. The fact of the matter is that I'm actually not always right......I'm just never wrong!

Oooooookay, here we go! Here's what you need to know first about Alex Ovechkin before we begin. Alexander Mikhaylovich Ovechkin was a child phenom growing up playing hockey in Moscow, Russia. Alex has blossomed into a ridiculously talented hockey player, now being dubbed Alexander "The Great" or "The Great 8" in the hockey world. The Washington Capitals Assistant Captain is in his 4Th season of which he has only missed 2 NHL games in his career thus far. "Ove" as his teammates refer to him won the Calder Trophy as the 2006 NHL Rookie of the Year, putting up 52 goals and 54 assists in his first season. In 2008 he walked away with a plethora of awards including, The Lester B. Pearson Award for most outstanding player, The Hart Memorial Trophy for most valuable player, The Art Ross Trophy for most points(finishing with 112), The Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy for most goals(finishing with 65), and the make everyone shit their pants award for scoring possibly the most incredible goal of all time. "Ove" already holds NHL club and league records as well as records for International play, all this at the young age of 23. Got it?!

Now we go straight to the issue. Ovechkin posted his 3rd 50+ goal season in 4 years the other night against the Tampa Bay Lightning at the St. Pete Times Forum. Upon hitting this mark, Ovechkin dropped his stick on the ice next to the Bolts goal and proceeded to stand over it as if the stick were on fire and he was warming his hands. He came out after the game and stated that it was Jose Theodore's idea and was pre-planned between himself and his teammates but judging by his line mate Mike Green's reaction, there wasn't quite a consensus on the celebration. This has started a frenzy which has the Lightning organization, NHL players, and hockey fans everywhere up in arms.

I think I may be seeing the grey, possibly even the neon green(like in '91) area of this whole thing whereas everyone else I've discussed it with is caught up in the black and white. Ovechkin is truly just a guy who loves hockey, he loves the game of hockey like I love a busty blonde. This is clearly not the first time Ovechkin has over celebrated a goal. The way I understand the situation is that Ovechkin is just an excitable guy, he gets pumped up like a little kid on a pixie stick binge. He has been the same player all along, I'm sure he'll settle down at some point in his career. Just take a look at players such as Jagr and Selanne, former avid over celebrators turned class act superstars. I say why not let him have a little fun while he's still young? He's still a kid, a young guy who just wants to have a little fun, no harm, no foul. Besides the fact, I think it's really no secret at this point that Alexander Ovechkin is an true entertainer especially after the all star break. So why is it that we're so surprised when something of this nature pops up? The NHL has pretty much made this guy one of the prominent faces of the League, does he not almost have an obligation to please his fans? He already produces his end of the bargain by scoring 50+ goals, 100+ points a season, he can't have a little fun doing it? Realistically how is this any different than Gretzky's "Twinkle Toe" celebration, Mike Foligno's "Foligno Leap", Teemu Selanne's "Glove Shooting" celebration or even just simply throwing your stick and arms up in the air. These are all just signs of pride and joy, not to mention the adrenaline that you acquire while playing the game. These players just get caught up in the moment with what I believe to be crowd pleasing tactics. I mean...Who doesn't want to hear a packed stadium of 18,000+ fans chant their name? Sure this may seem disrespectful to the other team involved on the flip side but that's just the game of hockey. It's a competitive sport and at the end of the game there are going to be winners and there are going to be losers, it's inevitable. This whole celebration hoopla is a quite minuscule issue if you ask me.

Now on the other hand I'm not necessarily saying that I love this kind of behaviour. It seems slightly unprofessional, like me as the banker in a Monopoly tournament. I understand that hockey fans are passionate and feel the need to defend our game but I truly believe that if it gets people talking about hockey or even puts fans in the seats, is it then not good for the game? At this juncture the NHL as a product is slipping into peril and the tough economic times we are living through in this current recession have affected even the prime hockey markets. I think we need all the viewership we can get in order to keep the sport that we so proudly love and support afloat, don't you? Unless you really want to see the Las Vegas Canadiens take on the Texas Maple Leafs that is. In that sense I really don't see the Ovechkin type celebration to be a problem. The critics will surly call it classless and the Sean Avery advocates will call it necessary, or "sloppy seconds", I personally fall somewhere in the middle.

This definitely seemed to have sparked the ongoing feud between Alex Ovechkin and Don Cherry......Beauty! Cherry has recently criticized Ovechkin for his flamboyant style celebrations in which Alex commented on after the celebratory game, jokingly saying "he's going to be pissed off for sure...I love it! I can't wait to hear what he says about me on Saturday night". Of course Don took the opportunity to respond to this on Coaches Corner Saturday night, weighing in on the subject in true Cherry fashion. The most recent segment in the Ovechkin/Cherry battle featured Ovechkin at the ACC Tuesday night before his game against the Leafs taking a playful jab at Cherry by flaunting a Coaches Corner T-shirt. I love Don Cherry but don't let the Don man push you around! Good on ya Ove!

If at a certain point these celebrations start to get out of control and effect the actual game being played on the ice then I'll see it to be a problem... it clearly hasn't reached that plateau. Though the second someone pulls a cell phone out of the pipes or a marker out of they're cup... I'm out! I'm pretty sure there is a line to be crossed here at some point but I guess in actuality everyone draws a line in their own minds as to what's right and what's wrong. To tell you the honest truth, my initial reaction before even thinking about the implications the celebration might have was that it was absolutely awesome and hilarious! I think I may have even pooed a little. So there you have it......that's my stance on it......Don't you just love hockey?!
Peace Out Friends!
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

U.S.A-holes... An Unbelievably Filthy Show Of Disrespect To Our Canadian Troops!!!

I am more than a little disturbed and to a certain extent just flat-out shocked that a certain group of Americans could be so ridiculously ignorant. Greg Gutfeld's comments made last week on his late night talk show aired on Fox News have gotten me a little perturbed, better yet, I am completely fucking vexed! I have to applaud this dick head though, he certainly wins the award for most ignorant human being on the face of the Earth. I still can't believe that someone could have the audacity to say something so ridiculously offensive! I'll start off by saying that I for one do not except this bogus/bullshit forced apology, I mean, yes I appreciate the fact that he was forced to apologize for his disgustingly lewd and ignorant comments after being called out on it but I'm not buying his shit apology. This guy should be off the air for good... this is absolute journalistic filth!

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld, host of "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld," seemed to find the time to spit Rupert Murdoch's semen out of his filthy mouth last Tuesday night when he decided to spout off on a Canadian Military bashing tirade. This tirade was chock-full of incredibly nonsensical and utterly disgusting sarcastic banter along with devious chuckles hinting at the fact that our Canadian armed forces are a "joke". This, no less comes just a couple days before another 4 of our brave Canadian soldiers return home from Afghanistan with a the Maple Leaf draped over their caskets. These 4 brave souls have brought our total to 116 Canadian soldiers killed in action. Clearly it has been a tough road for our Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan but definitely not in ol' Greg's eyes.

Master Corporal Scott Francis Vernelli, Trooper Corey Joseph Hayes, Corporal Tyler Crooks, Trooper Jack Bouthillie are the latest Canadian casualties of the war in Afghanistan. They were at the tail end of their tour and just days away from returning home to their family and friends. These soldiers of which have perished in this war are young men and women who have fought long and hard, men and women who have families back home, men and women who have given their lives for their country in order to fight what is said to be the "greater good". The true fact of the matter is that these Canadian soldiers who a group of ignorant Americans are gawking at, they are the men and women who are producing the most results. Our mission in Afghanistan which began in 2002 has been quite successful, we are fighting off the insurgence and we're doing it quite well. We are on the front lines of this War just like the Americans and we are the ones with our neck out on the line helping them! The Canadians, by the way Greg, are the ones building your damn armoured vehicles and fighting your fucking war for you, you ignorant asshole!

Greg Gutfeld is a no talent ass-clown who somehow makes a living hosting a round-table chat show on Fox News that clearly has no viewers... at least not anymore that is, otherwise I'm not so sure he would stoop to such disgusting lows in a desperate attempt to boost ratings. This idiot should be cleaning my toilet with his tongue for a living. I especially found it to be quite cute when Greg had his funny little guests come out and join in on the laughs at the expense of 116 Canadian deaths no less. Yeah, real funny stuff you're dealing with there chuckles, good one!

Greg rolled right on and shot his mouth off, mocking Canadian Lt. Gen. Andrew Leslie, chief of land staff who has recently stated that the Canadian military may take a year long hiatus in 2011 to restaff and restock. Greg proceeded from his little chair in a room in middle America, free and safe under the blanket of protection that our Canadian "joke" Military has created for him. In the interview he goes on to say "Once their Afghan mission winds down sometime in 2011, certain members of the Canadian military are looking to take a much-deserved break. And by certain members I mean all of them, meaning, the Canadian military wants to take a breather to do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the beach in gorgeous white Capri pants." then he went on to say "Isn't this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country? They have no army!" First off... how is this even relevant? I didn't realize that Canada is at War with the US. So then Greg-O's partner in crime Doug Benton decides to break out his 2 cents with a cute little chirp of his own, saying "I didn't even know that they were in the war, I thought that's where you go if you didn't want to fight, go chill in Canada"............ WOW! Did we not deploy troops to Afghanistan almost immediately after the US? Interesting. This just shows the true demeanor of certain people. The pure and utter ignorance that can be portrayed when people like these douche bags have nothing better to talk about. These 2 idiots are the journalistic equivalent of a reach around with a hook hand at a grimy night club in the slums of suburbia. Cut and dry... this was an absolutely sickening display of disrespect not only to your brethren but to your bordering country. I'm just going out on a limb here but I'm willing to bet that these 2 fucking idiots are the same assholes who boo our national anthem while we stand firm and honour theirs!

Canada's Defense Minister Peter MacKay was livid after hearing the "chirp squad", calling what was said on Red Eye disgusting and crass, insensitive, and in fact disgusting. MacKay immediately demanded an apology to the Canadian Government by the host of Red Eye and the Fox Network. A formal apology was issued on Monday afternoon by Greg Gutfeld. MacKay has also called out Fox saying "There should be an apology to the families in particular, to the Canadian Forces, and to Canada generally, given the sacrifice and the commitment that we've demonstrated in Afghanistan and I couldn't agree more. The Canadian military has taken one of the biggest hits in Afghanistan suffering a substantial amount of casualties.

This whole situation just seems to beg the question, if we're just being scrutinized, picked fun at, and under appreciated in what is clearly someone elses War...... then why is it that we are even there? Oh yeah, just one more thing about Greg Gutfeld while we're still on the subject of shoddy journalism... FUCK YOU GREG GUTFELD, ignorant prick!!!

I can't even begin to express the gratitude in which we owe to our Canadian Troops. We pray that you all make it back home to Canada, safe and sound. Support Our Troops, Salute Our Soldiers, Honour Our Hero's!

Peace Out Friends!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh Canada, Our Home And Native Land!

Is it just me or is Canada not the most beautiful country in the world?!

Now I'm not gonna to lie to you here, after watching this ass-clown on Fox trying to make a name for himself by making a complete mockery out of our armed forces I became a tad bit bitter. This in turn made me think about Canada and how amazing this country really is. It made me think of how we are truly the best nation in the whole damn world! I felt the need to defend our land. I became a little nostalgic and just had to write this... Enjoy!

There's just something about this country that makes us as Canadians so proud to live here. CANADA! We are truly some of the proudest citizens in the world. So much honour, we sing our anthem aloud, we hang our flag or wave it firmly in the night. We are not only proud to be Canadian but we are proud of our uprising, we are proud of our foundation, our roots. You can say that Canada is a sort of Cultural melting pot if you will. We are proud of our ancestry, we're proud of where we came from and our cultural background. You don't find this trait in many other countries around the globe, this is what makes us one of if not the most unique nations. The unity, the way we bring people together no matter what colour, race or creed is one of the most defining factors that we cherish as Canadians. We have a population of 30+ million of which are brilliant, beautiful, bright, earnest, polite beings. Aside from the citizens of Canada, we have such an incredible amount of beauty, the scenery we have packed between 2 beautiful Oceans is absolutely breathtaking. We have Mountains, Valleys, Prairies, Oceans, Lakes and truly some of the most beautiful women in the world. I think the question here is simply, is there really any other place in the world you would rather be?
Canada is not only the land that I call my home it's also the birthplace of many great inventors and essential inventions such as The Telephone, Velcro, Insulin, The Pacemaker, The Light Bulb, The Snowmobile, The Snow Blower, The Gas Mask, The Chocolate Bar, Macintosh/Apple computers, Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse, The Zipper, and best of all...SUPERMAN, just to name a few.

I don't quite see Canada necessarily as this patriotic hoopla screw you if you don't like it nation. This is not to say that we aren't patriotic, we are incredibly patriotic, I just believe it's the true pride that bonds us together, it's the love we hold in our hearts, the kindness, the unity, that we stand up together and make this world a more beautiful place, a pride that cannot be broken no matter what lies before us as a country.

I absolutely Love Canada with all my Heart, she's the love of my life...

O Canada,
Our home and native land,
True patriot love
in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada,
we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land
glorious and free!
O Canada,
we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada,
we stand on guard for thee!
Play Ball!!!
Peace Out Maple Peeps!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breeders Vs. Cheaters... Pro Abortion is Pro Death?

Being as it's no secret that everything about Bryan Floyd is controversial, allow me to weigh in on a sensitive subject. Lately I've encountered a certain group of extremists preaching outside of my gym. I go through my normal routine, get off the bus and make my walk to the fitness center. Recently on this short walk I've received a face full of anti-abortion sentiment. Don't get me wrong here, I am all about fighting a cause and standing up for what you believe in... I'm just not buying it though!

These anti-abortion, "pro lifers" are the same people who believe in capitol punishment or that homosexuals aren't equals, I'm pretty sure some of them believe that Elvis is still alive as well. This "cause" is a complete waste of time and is absolute bullshit! We are all sinners under the eyes of "GOD" whether we want to admit it or not. There are so many other problems in the world that we could be expending time on, so many issues we could be dealing with but we choose to waste our time on something so obscure. Now I'm not saying there's any problem with procreation, I'm as pro life as they come although I contradict myself slightly by believing that the Earths population is overcrowded but that's another ballgame all together, Thanks Cheeks!

The question here is really, should a mother not have the right to choose? The choice alone is a soul sucking, mind gouging, gigantic gaping wound that is left on your conscience. Do these women really deserve to have it rubbed in their faces and hung over their heads. I believe in bringing a child into the world under the right circumstances. Example... an already povershed or low income family plans to have a child, the father leaves the mother to fend for herself and raise the child on her own with little to no income. Being as she has practically no source of income she cant feed clothe, shelter her child. She cannot raise her child in an appropriate atmosphere. Not only is the child suffering in this case but the mother is suffering as well. Now you tell me, is this acceptable? Is this the way a life should be lived because a document written two, three thousand years ago says so. I understand this is an extreme case but it's also a reality, this is happening everyday throughout the world. Here's a couple more questions. Are these anti-abortionists reaching out to women? Are they opening their wallets, doors to help mothers who've decided to not have an abortion? Do they support single mothers or povershed families? The answer to these questions is NO, they're too busy on the "front lines" preaching the word of the "Lord" whoever that might be. I see this as disgusting, this is extremely selfish and an utterly ridiculous battle being fought and I really wish it wasn't being thrown in my face!

At the end of the day, I'd have to say that I do believe in taking responsibility for your actions, whether or not I would like to admit to that sometimes is another story. I'm not exactly saying that i support or agree with abortion, I'm just saying that a mothers right to chose is a sacred thing and should never be questioned or tampered. There's a line in a song by Common that comes to my mind, it goes "from now on I'm gonna use self control instead of birth control cause $315 ain't worth your soul, $315 ain't worth it". This cannot be more true, it is something you must live with within yourself but it is also a decision that should never be questioned! All I'm saying here is to be careful, make informed decisions, don't jump to conclusions and make the right choice, make a choice that you wont regret and one that is best for you and your family. There are plenty modes of birth control out there so use em! Now I'm gonna get out of here before i start sounding too much like Sue Johanson!
Peace Out Peeps!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Invasion Of Comics

It turns out that comic books are not just for the comic nerds after all. I'm not talking about the Newspaper shorts such as Garfield or Hagar the Horrible. Everyone loves to dip into that comic section of the newspaper every once in a while in an attempt to try and reconnect with their childhood even if only for a couple of minutes. No, I am talking about true full length comic books.

I remember going through what was a short stint of Batman and Spider-Man comics as a child but never really got interested in them to the point where they were a must have. Back in those days the brunt of my focus was on Ninja Turtles and Tonka Trucks, Hot Wheels and Crash Test Dummies. Realistically, I've never been too interested in comics nor did I truly understand the appeal of them until recently. Lately I've noticed that there has been this sort of "comic boom" in which everyone seems to be reading these colourful graphic works of literacy.

The movies are surly to thank for the sudden change of heart and mind towards comics. The movies that have been released within the past couple years are genius... true genius! With the release of every one of these comic based movies, they are not only marketing the movie as a product but the book, novel, comic as well. A perfect example of this is how I was steered in the direction of the Watchmen. What seems like about 5 years ago now I watched a teaser trailer for the Watchmen movie. This trailer has had me pumped to catch this movie on the big screen for many months now.

After watching the Watchmen trailer a couple months ago I learned that the movie was based on a graphic novel written by Alan Moore (V For Vendetta, Swamp Thing, Batman;The Killing Joke). I came across this 12 chapter comic gold mine one day and decided I would give it a chance. This is not just any comic book, Alan Moore has this way of manipulating your mind pumping it with dark themes and cold sadistic visions that are charged by the grandeur of a absolute madman. I won't give away the plot line of this novel, ill leave it for you to discover on your own. After reading Watchmen i have a new found appreciation for comics or "graphic novels", I just got finished reading another Alan Moore masterpiece, Batman;The Killing Joke. This book tells a twisted in depth tale explaining the origins and insanity of everyones favourite batman foe, The Joker, another amazing book!

If you want to read an amazing book and truly want to be wowed, I highly recommend The Watchmen. That brings me back to the movie, tomorrow is friggin' WATCHMEN DAY!!! I haven't been this jacked up to pay an arm and a leg to watch a movie since Paris Hilton's sex tape came out on DVD! Twas the night before Watchmen and all through the house...... This movie is going to be epic!

Peace Out Friends!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Rise Against and Rancid, Canadian Tour!!!

Rise Against and Rancid on tour... together?!?!?! I'm just going to come right out and state that this is the greatest match-up since peanut butter and jam, possibly even chicken wings and beer. The show is scheduled for July 31ST at the Molson Amphitheatre of all places. Not sure if I'll ever truly understand this move as it's not exactly my favourite venue for a show of this nature but it's the last stop on the tour and being as Toronto is pretty much the birthplace of Rise Against, it will definitely be a phenomenal show.

Rancid are a punk rock 4-some from Albany, California who formed in 1991, obviously veterans of the punk rock game. They are sure to tear the house down with their old school garage pop, punk, thrash, ska, in your face style. Vocalists and front man duo Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksenis are true musical geniuses. They have this sort of spit in your face grungy punk persona that just appeals to punk lovers everywhere. These punkers have been entertaining spiky haired, chain-wallet rocker kids with their cool grooves and punk rhythms for years and are definitely one of my favourites. It will be my first time seeing this legendary punk group live, I'm pretty jacked up!

As for Rise Against... what can I say? This band is surely here to save punk rock! This Chicago Quartet has a "rocktacular" style, a poignant prowess that is compiled of fast paced rhythms and driven by political sensibility. Front man Tim McIlrath has a style that can be matched by very few, his lyrics grip your mind by opening a door to social, political, and world issues. There really aren't too many bands in the "bizz" that can carry as strong of message as Rise against while at the same time packing the same punch of head banging, foot stomping, adrenaline rock. I had a chance to catch them along with fellow rockers Thrice, Alkaline Trio, and Gaslight Anthem a couple months back at the Sound Academy. This show left my beaten and bruised... oh what a show it was!!!

I've been waiting for the opportunity to catch Rise Against in concert again especially since the release of their fifth studio album Appeal to Reason, an amazing disc! Aside from that, Rancid is currently working on a new album, their first one since the release of Indestructible in 2003, it's slated to be released in the spring of 2009. Their set is going to be excellent stimulation for my ear clitoris. There it is, two awesome bands together live... AMAZING! I think I just pooed, Later Peeps.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Penny For Froid's Thoughts

It's February 23 of 2009 and I'm officially finished with winter... I QUIT! The snow is fun in spurts of 1-5cm at a time but the whole -25C thing is not so much fun, especially with Chuck Taylor's on!

Gone are the days where i actually had the time or desire to go skiing/snowboarding, snowmobiling...etc. These winter sports past times are all just a shadow in my mind. The funny thing about it is that i see this juncture of my life as being too busy to get around to doing such things now days. The true fact of the matter is that this is probably the best time to live it up and get my wild Floyd groove on because next year i am actually going to have to bear down and focus on my studies. It feels kinda funny to say "my studies"... yeah, definitely makes the bum tingle a little bit.

My biggest fear at this point is what the hell it is I'm going to do for money come next year! I am truly my own worst enemy when it comes to money, what i mean by this is that Ive been working full time for the past 6-7 years and i really have nothing to show for it. I squander most of my money away on clothes, booze, and the occasional hooker...... okay maybe just clothes and booze. On top of my personal expenses i also have bills to pay... rent, phone bill, gym fee, RRSP payments. This usually leaves me with enough cash to look forward to my next pay check. Living a life of disposable income is incredibly unhealthy. What i really need do do is learn how to manage my funds better.

I get absolutely terrified when i think about next year. I fear that my social life will slip away as i drown in a sea of student debt. How will i manage my expenses and be able to pay my bills while at the same time having a little fun with my friends on my free time? It all makes me feel like i should have gotten on my high horse years ago when i had the chance. I for one am an advocate for not forcing the issue of college/university on kids. Too many kids get pushed or pressured to take subjects that they have no interest in or that have nothing to do with their career paths. These students end up dropping out, wasting an absurd amount of money or end up passing and doing something completely different. Now don't get me wrong here, there's nothing wrong with furthering your education and having something to fall back on. What I'm really saying is to make informed decisions because believe it or not, these are the decisions that are going to shape our lives. You don't want to spend 8 years getting a Bachelor's degree in this or a Masters in that then one day wake up to the realization that you want to become a Police Officer.

I personally wanted to take some time off to think about my future after high school, in turn i may have ended up screwing myself over in the long run. I fell into a rut, an enormous rut where the money was easy and the good times where great! All the while oblivious to time and the fact that the years where slipping away from me.

I'm nearly 25 now, i could be finished college, could possibly be working at a radio station... paying off my student loans. Its easy to say that i have no regrets but i believe this is a huge one. If i had the "Doc", a Delorean and a flux capacitor i might just go back in time and change a few things but "hey" that's life. What really matters is that I'm trying to make good with myself now. I'm trying to show myself that i really care and that I'm willing to make up for my mistakes. Life is really all about making mistakes when you think about it... the more mistakes you make, the more you learn and improve! Thanks for reading this blabber... PEACE OUT PEEPS!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Congratulations York U students, you're FINALLY back to class... how does your bum feel?

Am i the only one who thinks this strike was absolutely insane? This kind of shit should honestly be illegal! For starters, how could McGuinty and the provincial government let this nonsense go on for so long? In what has become possibly the most ridiculously drawn out strike in the history of Toronto University's our provincial government did absolutely nothing to intervene! Back to work legislation was said to have been discussed but then later vetoed due to the fact that it may be taken up in court. SO FUCKING WHAT!?!?! At the very least you could have put some pressure on the two sides of this dispute in an attempt to get students back to class sooner! So while our pussy hole government sat back and watched York faculty, teachers assistants and the almighty CUPE let this contract dispute draw out for 3 damn months, the students were left completely hijacked. My question is how the hell did we let it get this far? This is the most disgusting and utterly selfish thing I've ever seen in my life. As a Union steward myself, i can say from a Union standpoint that there are lines you just don't cross... CUPE along with York contract faculty and teachers assistants took a gigantic leap over this line leaving students with their pockets turned out while they watched their semester disappear.

Shame on you York faculty, CUPE, and Dalton McGuinty... at a certain point somebody needs to intervene, somebody has to step in and look out for the little guy. The students didn't stand to gain anything from this, they had absolutely no part in this senseless strike but yet were the ones who ended up suffering in the end! Back to work legislation was passed in 1984 and 1989 college disputes so why did this ass clown McGuinty sit back on this one? This strike could have been stopped a long time ago, shame on all of you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Mats Attack!

The life and times of Mats Sundin. When are people going to lay off this guy? In a very short period of time this future Hall Of Famer went from being the whipping boy in Toronto to underachieving whipping boy in Van City.

Is wanting to sit back and ponder your future really illegal? In all fairness Mats really had no obligation to any team, so why are we on his case. Its not exactly as if the leafs were willing to do anything to keep the loyal captain in leaf nation. So tell me... how is it that Mats wanting to retire is disrespectful or dishonest to the leafs organization. Anyone who says that Sundin was not loyal to his team is out of their right minds. Clearly Mats Sundin is the first player to state that he may retire and return to the game, right? I just don't see where mats went wrong in this whole thing, at the end of the day it's really his career and his life.
Mats played over 13 seasons in a leafs uniform, 10 of those bearing the C and not once did he ever hint at wanting a trade out of Toronto, even through the tough times. So what does the Maple Leafs organization go and do... they ask our team captain and a guy who is a consistent player in every aspect of the game and our team leader year in and year out to get out of town when realistically it's the only place he wants to play. This apparently in turn makes our hero for 13 seasons out to be a complete asshole even though he has never signs a contract without a no trade clause.
To say that Mats was lying about not wanting to retire in Toronto is absolutely ridiculous and the most foolish non sense I've ever heard! HE WANTS TO PLAY HOCKEY!!! Mats Sundin... dubbed public enemy numero uno, a trader, a sellout. As a die hard leaf fanatic i can knowingly say that Leaf fans are an impossible bunch of idiots! Rewind back to the McCabe scenario last season, we throw tons of money at McCabe, he just so happens to have a rough season... oh god forbid. B-Mac scores a goal on his own net so we boo him every night, how exactly does this help our team win games? IDIOTS!!!

Moving on from East to West, Mats seems to be taking some serious scrutiny out in Vancouver. It was said recently that Mats has been playing like a 40 year old men's league player. I for one found this to be absolutely hilarious... first off, he is nearly 40 and second he has only been back for a little over a month. He started training to get ready for an NHL season at the mid way point of the damn season, cut the guy a little slack! It's not easy to get an aging, ailing body into game shape let alone do it in such a short period of time. He had to work extremely hard not only to make a quick return but also to be competitive in a league that has turned over to the young guns. With everyone else in the NHL now in mid season form, Mats has just begun his preseason. Correct me if I'm wrong here but didn't Vancouver pick up Sundin for the playoffs, was bringing Mats to the Nucks not to bring home a cup? What I'm really trying to say is "RELAX", Sundin is getting his wings back. Mats now has 7 points in his last 5 games and coming off a 2 goal bout the other night at GM Place it's going to be quite interesting to see if this "40 year old men's league player" can keep up the pace. If Mats does keep this up it will definitely set a fire under the pants of Mats hating Leaf fans and is sure to ignite the Canucks bench. The Mats Attack is back baby and i love it!
Peace Out Friends...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Bosh Golly He Wants Out?!

Chris Bosh... that's right, I said it. Now I know what you're thinking, you're thinking I'm going to spout off on a Chris Bosh hating tirade... well you're absolutely right!

Here we are at the midway point of the season, second last in the East. Second last in the East... if anyone had told me at the beginning of this season that the Toronto Raptors would be in the basement of the Eastern Conference at the midway point this season i would have disowned you. This is a team that finished out in a strong 6Th last year in the East and 2ND in the Atlantic Division behind the superpower Celtics. In the 2006-2007 season we finished 3rd in the conference with an Atlantic Division title in our belts. So what happened to our contender, what happened to the product we put on the court 2 years ago or even last year for that matter. We started off 3-0 this season, it may be a little absurd to say but at that point we almost looked to have had the playoffs and a title in our sites. I'll tell you exactly what happened, the product we put out on that court night after night got stale and I'm sorry to say but this all stems from our supposed team captain Chris Bosh.

What I find most ridiculous is how the Raps should be a top 3 team in the East or a playoff contender at the very least but were making excuses every night. Its just a lack of grit, heart, and most importantly leadership! We need someone to drive the paint, draw fouls, we require consistency, we need a leader in our dressing room. Now i know you cant rest all the blame on one man and you can't give one player the responsibility to score 40 points a night but there's no drive in Bosh. Bosh hits the court with a level of intensity that can be matched by a group of Buddhist Monks. What the Raptors need is a Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Dirk Nowitski, or a Dwight Howard, we need a consistent point scorer and a leader. Someone who gets it done on the court instead of preparing speeches for why the hell it is that we've lost 5 in a row. We just seem to be lacking chemistry, Jermain O'Neil looks great some nights but he wont play second fiddle to Bosh.

At the end of the day it just doesn't seem like Bosh is the man for the Raptors anymore, he doesn't look like the player he used to be. I believe that this has a ton to do with his interest in playing south of the border. I really don't understand how everyone can be so surprised and taken in by the swirling rumors of Bosh wanting out of Toronto, I mean... really? Ive been saying this for a long time. Bosh made a deal at the summer Olympics that he would play with Dwayne Wade and LeBron James south of the border when their respective contracts expired in 2010. Not only that but Bosh has reportedly already expressed interest in Detroit who's been looking to land the big T.O. front-man in 2010 when his contract expires... this is not news to me! I'm just saying that I'm not surprised by the rumors which of course were hastily turned down by Bosh.

So here we are, mid season and Bosh is out with no return date set as of yet... a little Cater Esq if you ask me but hey I'm biased right. Here comes the sudden knee injury that sidelines every ones favourite superstar for the rest of his career... in Toronto that is. And what perfect timing, he's playing like shit... starting to get booed on his home court. Its just a little convenient that our 15 million dollar man seems to rule out this juncture of the season as urgent while he sits out collecting his money. We may be second last in the East but only 5 games out of the playoffs and 8 points out of 6Th where we finished up last season. He just doesn't seem to show much interest in the team that birthed his stardom and now he seems to be counting the days till his contract is up. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if this knee injury is a reoccurring thing for bosh in Toronto. So he'll sit on the sidelines and wait for Wade and LeBron(his two knights in shining armor) to save him from having to carry our little team in Toronto.

Chris Bosh is going to leave the Toronto Raptors organization the same way Vince Carter did, not to say that he's gonna go on a botched trade Ala Rob Babcock but he will become public enemy #1 and i see a horribly disgraceful display of sportsmanship coming from Bosh in the very near future, just a prediction! So there it is, my two maybe even tree cents... what do you think? Peace Out Peeps!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Behind Brown Eyes... The Year That Changed My Life

My long awaited return to the wonderful world of blogging has arrived, the Floydtastic Blog is back in action! After a long and drawn out hiatus from my blog I am officially back from my mental vacation and am going to blog my bloggin' ass off! Now that I'm packed with some new fresh ideas and the wheels are back on the wagon I figured I would take a break from my usual sports star/politician bashing to talk about myself for once.

It's been quite an interesting year in the life of Bryan Floyd. In the past year I've gone through some big changes... finally got some hair in those special areas for starters, dropped a solid Jason Blake(55) pounds to become the sexy svelte man that I am today, even started writing a bit. I began thinking about my future, thinking about my career and what it would hold for me... so much so that it was keeping me up at night. At this point I decided it was time for me to do something with my life but what exactly was the question. Cue Howard Thomas, I received a call one day from good ol' Howie T asking me to come and meet him at his office. I got all dolled up as if I was interviewing to save my life and headed down to Sauga to meet up with the Boss. After speaking to Howie I realized that there was an untapped potential, realized that I had a gift, that there was so much for me to achieve in my life. I was just sitting on an abundance of talent and needed to put myself to the test. I left Howie's office that day with a new level of confidence in myself, confident that I could do anything I put my mind to and all I could think about was my life long dream of being on the radio. I went home that day and filled out that College application that had been sitting idle on my computer for months. A couple months pass, Christmas and New Years were great with my friends and family of course. Then a letter comes in the mail one day, I'm invited to attend an Assessment for the radio broadcasting program at Humber. Fast forward about a month, I walk into Humber for that assessment a bit nervous but as soon as I walked through those doors I knew that I had it!

So here I am after nearly 25 years of my life on track after receiving the acceptance letter that will see me enrolled at Humber College for radio broadcasting come September! I am literally like a little kid in a candy store right now, I can hardly contain myself. Just the thought of being that guy who takes your mind away to another place for whatever period of time on the radio gets me all giddy. Being the guy who calms you on your morning drive to work, the one who you turn to after a long day, this is what drives me.

I had a chance to speak with George Strombolopoulos upon running into him conveniently enough on the eve before my big assessment day. I asked "Strombo" what to expect, explained to him my fears, and asked what inspired him. George being the laid back guy that he is simply told me "if you want something bad enough, if you're passionate and you thrive for it... nothing can stop you!" These words have stuck with me ever since and I'm sure will be with me no matter where I end up in life.

I've figured out that I am my own inspiration, I inspire myself to achieve greatness. Sometimes you just need a push in the right direction. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have people around me who care and look out for me! So here I am finally chasing my dreams, reaching for those stars and I wont stop till I get there! I love you all... Peace Out Friends!

A-Fraud by Day, A-Roid by Night

It's finally here! That's right 2009, the year which will finally see A-Rods so called "legacy" buried. A-Rod... the lying, cheating, self absorbed ass bag who is hated not only by the vast majority of baseball fans outside of the New York area but as well as in his own clubhouse by coaches and teammates alike.

With Joe Torre's book The Yankee Years in stores now which by the way has been said to go off on a tastefully detailed A-Rod bashing tangent and of course Rodriguez officially publicly announcing his use of Performance Enhancing Drugs this week, the road ahead looks bumpy for A-Fraud.

A-Rod came out of the "roid" closet this week in an interview with ESPN and admitted his use of performance enhancing drugs and HGH between the years of 2001-2003 when he was with the Texas Rangers. Only until 2003 though... how incredibly convenient considering 2003 was just under the wire of the MLB steroid blitz in which the league introduced rules and started to penalize players for steroid usage.

This whole situation to me is similar to Christmas eve when i was a little kid. Christmas day will of course arrive when all the facts have come together and they burn this dick hole once and for good.

So with a looming asterisk beside A-Rods name, who will become the new face of the MLB? Obama said it best, "the thing I'm most concerned about is the message that it sends our kids". I agree... is this lying, cheating, steroid junkie really someone for our children to look up to and idolize? Not that he really did anything for the fans anyways besides giving them a reason to "boo" him in the post season. A-Rod signing an autograph... lets be realistic here, this man gives absolutely nothing back to the fans unless it has something to do with publicity or money.

I find it a bit humorous that the MLB was quick to come out and defend the "face of the league" where as they wasted no time tossing McGuire, Palmeiro, and Bonds to the lions den. And poor Roger, they put this man through a torturous hearing before congress in which I "misremember" what the hell it is that Clemons was even trying to convey! So now we're supposed to give Alex a pat on the back for admitting that he cheated, oh how honourable of you A-Rod.

It's really quite hard to judge at this point what is going to come of all this, 2009 may in fact be the downfall of A-Rods career. All I know is that it's definitly going to be a tough year for Alex Rodriguez and an excellent year for heckling! Later Friends!

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