Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We, The Generation of Addicts... Crackberry's and ICrack's!

The PDA craze has set in. What is it about these personal devices, these personal hand held computers that we are so reliant on? It's really quite funny to think that just a few years ago we had these big block phones... you know, the "Zach Morris phone" that could barely make phone calls. Now we are at the point where we can check our email, text, send/receive instant message, search the net, upload, download, stream... you catch my drift. This generation is so reliant on these things that we just cant live without them now. It's an amazing phenomenon, seeing how far we've come technologically. We are advancing now quite quickly and every company is trying to come out with that new product that is going to fly off the shelves... the personal device that is going to be on everyones Christmas, birthday wish list. For now it seems that the IPhone has taken over as the undisputed king of the a PDA. The Blackberry is also a ridiculously popular item, I myself own a Blackberry or "Crackberry" as they've come to be called. I can't seem to put this damn thing down, it's almost as if someone crazy glued it to my hand. I just read an article about Barack Obama having to give up his Blackberry due to hackers and other various reasons. Obama was quoted as saying that giving up his Blackberry would be harder then when he quit smoking! I mean seriously?! It has become an addiction for some people, how long now until we have PDA A? That's right "my name is Doug and I'm addicted to IPhone". It's just getting out of control but it's the times we are living, it's a fast paced world. So I ask you... what's next for us?
Peace out friends!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Infamous Tom "The Goon" Kostopoulos

In response to all the negativity and remarks made about Tom Kostopoulos being a dirty player I've decided to pipe up in his defence. I watched quite a ridiculously exciting game between two of the oldest rivals in sports on Saturday night. It was Hockey Night In Canada... a Historic night in which hockey legends were honoured, former Leaf and World War II veteran Gaye Stewart read the poem "In Flanders Fields", and the Leafs faced off against the Habs for the annual Hockey Hall of Fame game. A fast paced game that was nothing sort of phenomenal but with the good comes the bad. At 7:03 of the first period the Leafs Mike Van Ryn went to the end board followed by the Habs Tom Kostopoulos on the fore-check, retrieved the puck and was clobbered from behind. The native of London, Ontario Van Ryn newly acquired by the leafs in the 2008 off season has been a spark plug to the leafs defense and has ignited the leafs bench all season thus far. Van Ryn suffered a concussion, broken nose, broken bone in his hand, a lacerated forehead and damaged teeth and gums in the aftermath of this hit. Van Ryn will miss at least a month of action which is a big blow to this leaf defence to say the least. With both teams having something to prove on Saturday night and the historicity of the night there was a definite intensity in the air. Back to the hit! There is a very fine line when it comes to hits of this nature but is it really fair to lay all the blame on Kostopoulos? I have watched the hit now countless times and still cringe every time I see it. Van Ryn goes to the boards to get the puck with Kostopoulos streaking in directly behind him, just before reaching the boards Van Ryn turns as to try to fend off Kostopoulos. This turning motion just as Kostopoulos was approaching was enough to give a green light to lay the hit. There is no doubt in my mind that a hit from behind is a dirty hit but given the circumstances was it really as dirty as everyone has made it out to be? Kostopoulos a Mississauga, Ontario native has been in the league 7 years now and with no history of acts such as this one. He has been suspended only once in his career, a 1 game suspension for instigating a fight in the last 5 minutes of a game vs. the rival Bruins. I guess you can say this makes Kostopoulos a "repeat offender". The fact of the mater is that Kostopoulos is a tough player with a lot of heart, he goes to the boards and finishes his checks. Maybe it's just me but haven't we been taught to finish our hits since Peewee hockey? Granted you are not supposed to finish a hit from behind but if a player has possession of the puck and turns towards you is it really illegal to hit him. The way i see it there was no intent behind this hit, Kostopoulos did not mean to hit Van Ryn from behind and had absolutely no intent to injure him. It is easy to say that he could have stopped but look at the pace of the rest of the game. It's tough to stop when you get into those situations and Van Ryn was vulnerable going into the boards but only because he made himself vulnerable. It is also easy to say that Kostopoulos only cares now because he has been suspended for 3 games and fined $33,000 but you can see the genuine sincerity when he talks about the hit. People have bashed this guy all week, apparently we should ban him from the league now for playing the game the way its supposed to be played. Hockey is a tough sport and unfortunately injuries occur, some preventable and some that cannot be prevented but I wouldn't go and label Kostopoulos as a "goon". I say 3 games is a fair suspension, Kostopoulos obviously has to take the brunt of the blame but he did not intend to nearly ruin another players career and he is definitely not the dirty player that he's being made out to be! Anyways, that's my 2... maybe even 3 cents. What do you think? Later Friends...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Salute Our Veterans, Honour Our Heroes!

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
— Lt.-Col. John McCrae

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month please observe a moment of silence for our Canadian Veterans. Our veterans fought long and hard to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy each and every day in Canada. Having family members whom fought in both the first and second world wars I know that it is extremely important to honour these heroes. If you don't know what or why we honour our veterans on Remembrance Day I highly suggest reading up on it. It is much more than just wearing a poppy on your lapel, please know why we wear the Poppy! Thank you to our Canadian Veterans... We Salute YOU!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


There is just something sooo friggin' appealing about stuffing your face with that crazy clowns french fries after a night at the bar. I have found that McDonald's has become a post bar ritual lately... and the key to my fatness. All it takes is one person in the cab or pre cab to say "McDonald's?" DONE DEAL! So it was about 2:30 in the AM last evening (this morning) when we rolled up to the golden arches. I can't quite remember who made the push for McDicks but BAM... just like Emril, there I was at about 2:45 stuffing my face with crispy golden goodness! Now if McDonald's only started serving alcohol... that's a world I one day want to live in! Its now Saturday, 1320 calories later and I feel terribly fat so I'm going to the damn gym so I can feel good (better) about doing it all over again tonight.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Obama Reggae Victory Party... Not the Terminator!

Had to throw in the pics from the Obama Reggae Victory Party!!!
This was clearly the theme for the night... Thanks Cocoa Tea! Good times were had by all!
Check out the link below.

Barack Obama... The People's Champ!

November 4th 2008 may just have been the day that the world changed. On Nov 4th Americans exercised their most valuable right in the Constitution, the right to vote and vote they did! A record turnout said to have smashed the Richard Nixon-Hubert Humphrey matchup in 1968 when 62.5% of eligible voters cast ballots.
I sat around the other night with friends as millions across the world did watching Obama's big victory, a victory for the people. Americans chose Obama, the choice that many think will bring American Popularity and Credibility back in the eyes of citizens around the world. A victory of momentous proportions, an evolutionary leap you might say. A great deal of Americans showed that they are simply through with the Republican regime in the US, making way for the Left leaning Democrats to regain power. It's been 8 long years of the Bush administration bringing nothing but economical hardship, senseless wars, LIES and a tarnished reputation of the US to boot. Bush leaves behind a legacy, a legacy which will put him in the books as possibly the worst president in the history of Presidency in the United States of America. So here we are... 8 years later with a man said to have no experience, too young, a socialist, un-American, a Muslim/terrorist, not strong enough to face the issues. They have thrown everything at this man, they have dragged his name through the mud trying to bludgeon his reputation but he has emerged clean and unscathed through it all. I find that a great deal of the focus has been geared towards Obama being the first African American President and not enough about him simply being the best man for the job. Now don't get me wrong here, no one can deny the extremity of having our first black president take office but his title as President and being the most powerful man in the world should be of much greater importance. Having said this, President Obama will have a lot on his plate... an ailing economy to start with, his proposed tax cuts, creating more jobs for Americans, free trade, wars, environmental issues, etc... Therefore the slogan "Yes We Can" has to turn into a "Yes We Must"! Barack Obama has to make a difference, he has reached out to the people and asked them to put their trust in him and Americans have responded but they are a vulnerable group these days and need to see results. Obama has to stay true to his word, true to what he believes in, true to the people. If he doesn't follow through as he says... you must remember that Americans are also a fickle group, the Obama boom may quickly turn into the Obama bust and he'll see him self out of office after a painful 4 year term. From what i can see this is truly the time for change, the time to take that leap in the right direction. Obama is genuine, he has the grit, knowledge, and integrity to persevere as a great leader! He may not be Chuck Norris, John Wayne, Rambo, or the Terminator according to Cocoa Tea's Hit song "Barack Obama" but he is truly the people's champ and would definitely be my choice for president! Congratulations to Barack Obama... make the world proud!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Chris Bosh... $15 Million Per Year... No Autographs For Fans?

Well... its freakin' November already, its also 20 degrees! It's been a pretty awesome week for my guy, couldn't lie about that if i tried. I met the Leafs last Tuesday for the first time at the Airport. Had the chance to talk to a couple players briefly including Ian White, Tomas Kaberle, Cujo, Vesa Toskala, and Pavel Kubina. The conversations were quite short with the exception of the one I had with Ian White who was the first to show up. Stand up guys, a decent group of multi-millionaire hockey players that had no problem mingling with fans and handing out autographs even after a tough loss. On Friday I had the privilege of meeting the Raptors for the second time. Having gotten a couple autographs the last time I was mainly in it for congratulations and small talk. I ended up talking to Jason Kapono and Jamario Moon who in my opinion are two of the most down to earth guys on the team. Almost everyone had come through... the only player left to see was Chris Bosh. I met Bosh last season on a night when the Raps came through and tried to snaggle an autograph from this now major superstar of the NBA. Chris was chatting with his agent, he said that he couldn't give any autographs at the time... speaking directly through his agent. He added that he would catch me next time, "no problem". Sooo here we are "next time", Bosh comes down the stairs... no agent... just plain old Chris. Here I am standing before this 6'10 monster superstar and he's coming directly towards me. I tried to make a little small talk "awesome game Chris, big night buddy" then proceeded with "hey Chris, do you think i can get your autograph?". Now I have met many famous people at the airport including actors, comedians, bands, politicians, sports stars but never have I seen a such a disgusting display of arrogance. This 6'10 monster NBA superstar turned into a 6'10 jackass before my eyes! Without even turning his head to look at me "Chris Bosh" an ambassador of Toronto, a Representative of the Toronto Raptors who's fans fill the seats day in and day out to pay his ridiculous salary walks right by me and without even flinching says"nah... next time". Hmm, correct me if I'm wrong Chris but I thought this was the next time. So there it is, Chris Bosh... $15 million per year, no autographs for fans. Clearly, Floyd is a little bitter about the whole thing but there wont be a next time for me. The next time i see Chris Bosh I'm gonna give him my autograph! The thing about it is, I don't need $15 million to pick up a pen and put it to a piece of paper. I will always cheer for the Raps and I will always cheer for Chris Bosh but it really goes to show how a little money and stardom can go straight to some of these players heads transforming them in some cases into ungrateful/arrogant assholes! I'm outta here, Later Kids.