Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barack Obama... The People's Champ!

November 4th 2008 may just have been the day that the world changed. On Nov 4th Americans exercised their most valuable right in the Constitution, the right to vote and vote they did! A record turnout said to have smashed the Richard Nixon-Hubert Humphrey matchup in 1968 when 62.5% of eligible voters cast ballots.
I sat around the other night with friends as millions across the world did watching Obama's big victory, a victory for the people. Americans chose Obama, the choice that many think will bring American Popularity and Credibility back in the eyes of citizens around the world. A victory of momentous proportions, an evolutionary leap you might say. A great deal of Americans showed that they are simply through with the Republican regime in the US, making way for the Left leaning Democrats to regain power. It's been 8 long years of the Bush administration bringing nothing but economical hardship, senseless wars, LIES and a tarnished reputation of the US to boot. Bush leaves behind a legacy, a legacy which will put him in the books as possibly the worst president in the history of Presidency in the United States of America. So here we are... 8 years later with a man said to have no experience, too young, a socialist, un-American, a Muslim/terrorist, not strong enough to face the issues. They have thrown everything at this man, they have dragged his name through the mud trying to bludgeon his reputation but he has emerged clean and unscathed through it all. I find that a great deal of the focus has been geared towards Obama being the first African American President and not enough about him simply being the best man for the job. Now don't get me wrong here, no one can deny the extremity of having our first black president take office but his title as President and being the most powerful man in the world should be of much greater importance. Having said this, President Obama will have a lot on his plate... an ailing economy to start with, his proposed tax cuts, creating more jobs for Americans, free trade, wars, environmental issues, etc... Therefore the slogan "Yes We Can" has to turn into a "Yes We Must"! Barack Obama has to make a difference, he has reached out to the people and asked them to put their trust in him and Americans have responded but they are a vulnerable group these days and need to see results. Obama has to stay true to his word, true to what he believes in, true to the people. If he doesn't follow through as he says... you must remember that Americans are also a fickle group, the Obama boom may quickly turn into the Obama bust and he'll see him self out of office after a painful 4 year term. From what i can see this is truly the time for change, the time to take that leap in the right direction. Obama is genuine, he has the grit, knowledge, and integrity to persevere as a great leader! He may not be Chuck Norris, John Wayne, Rambo, or the Terminator according to Cocoa Tea's Hit song "Barack Obama" but he is truly the people's champ and would definitely be my choice for president! Congratulations to Barack Obama... make the world proud!

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