Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We, The Generation of Addicts... Crackberry's and ICrack's!

The PDA craze has set in. What is it about these personal devices, these personal hand held computers that we are so reliant on? It's really quite funny to think that just a few years ago we had these big block phones... you know, the "Zach Morris phone" that could barely make phone calls. Now we are at the point where we can check our email, text, send/receive instant message, search the net, upload, download, stream... you catch my drift. This generation is so reliant on these things that we just cant live without them now. It's an amazing phenomenon, seeing how far we've come technologically. We are advancing now quite quickly and every company is trying to come out with that new product that is going to fly off the shelves... the personal device that is going to be on everyones Christmas, birthday wish list. For now it seems that the IPhone has taken over as the undisputed king of the a PDA. The Blackberry is also a ridiculously popular item, I myself own a Blackberry or "Crackberry" as they've come to be called. I can't seem to put this damn thing down, it's almost as if someone crazy glued it to my hand. I just read an article about Barack Obama having to give up his Blackberry due to hackers and other various reasons. Obama was quoted as saying that giving up his Blackberry would be harder then when he quit smoking! I mean seriously?! It has become an addiction for some people, how long now until we have PDA A? That's right "my name is Doug and I'm addicted to IPhone". It's just getting out of control but it's the times we are living, it's a fast paced world. So I ask you... what's next for us?
Peace out friends!

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