Saturday, November 8, 2008


There is just something sooo friggin' appealing about stuffing your face with that crazy clowns french fries after a night at the bar. I have found that McDonald's has become a post bar ritual lately... and the key to my fatness. All it takes is one person in the cab or pre cab to say "McDonald's?" DONE DEAL! So it was about 2:30 in the AM last evening (this morning) when we rolled up to the golden arches. I can't quite remember who made the push for McDicks but BAM... just like Emril, there I was at about 2:45 stuffing my face with crispy golden goodness! Now if McDonald's only started serving alcohol... that's a world I one day want to live in! Its now Saturday, 1320 calories later and I feel terribly fat so I'm going to the damn gym so I can feel good (better) about doing it all over again tonight.

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