Sunday, October 5, 2008

What A Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing, phenominal... blew my socks off! what a show!!! Luckily i came prepared with an arsenal of fresh socks in my bag. Sooo there i was, sucking back a couple cans of liquid-gold in the beer garden when the surprise attack of Thrice hitting the stage before before Alkaline Trio struck. It threw me off guard but dont worry, i downed the beer and made my way to the front of the stage before you can say Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Thrice kicked ass as usual... to be expected. Alkaline Trio was mediocre at best, your typical Pop/Punk band, didn't really get me moving. I spent most of their set trying to remember what songs thrice just rocked the roof off with. Alkaline Trio left the stage, I tied my shoes tight, it was time for Rise Against. I was still jacked up from Thrice and was ready to drop some elbows. Rise Against hit the stage with a bang, i'm pretty sure lead singer Tim Mcllrath spit in my eyeball but i would forgive and forget. People were amped, I've been to many rough concerts in my time but i have never seen a pit this crazy! Bodies were flying around everywhere, shoes, shirts, limbs were airborn... it was a war. I figured an all ages show would bring out a bunch of 12 year olds... i was wrong, there were some big boys! So there I was, sandwiched between two heavyweights and about to pass out, I quickly pulled myself together and kept on rocking in the free world. When all was said and done I was soaked with the sweat of a couple hundred rocker kids. I was beaten, bruised, and broken. I woke up this morning with a painful smile on my face and a tingling sensation in my bum... oh baby what a show!!!

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