Thursday, October 16, 2008

Record Low 59.1% Voter Turnout, 2008 Election

Sooooooo...... a record low 59.1% turnout for the 2008 election huh. I'm typically a pretty lazy dude but 59.1% really??? Did 39.9% of Canadians forget and sleep the whole day on Tuesday, was there a 50 Cent concert, maybe a sale at The Bay? I will tell you what did happen... 39.9% of Canadians through away their voice by giving up their right to vote, a right given to you as a Canadian Citizen! I don't quite understand it but regardless here we are at 59.1%, pretty embarrassing. I'm sure the majority of people who did vote made informed choices. I would have to say that this is much better then people voting for what they think is their favourite colour. In saying this now we don't have Canadians just being lazy, we have 39.9% of Canadians uninterested and unaware. So we end up in pretty much the same boat that we started in with the same Conservative Minority Government. Anyways... Congrats to Kirsty Duncan on her big W in Etobicoke North!
I'm OUT, Later KIDS...

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