Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rise Against, Thrice, TONIGHT!

It's like christmas day... It was not too long ago, I was sitting around thinking what concert I may be banging my head at next... what band that would destroy my hearing at the tone of 120 decibels ultimately shattering my inner ear. Being the avid concert goer/lover of music that I am, I could probably find about one concert each week to abuse my body at but who really has the time, money, or energy for that? It's just something about that close/personal bond you make with a band when they take the live stage in front of you, a euphohric numbing feeling always comes over me as i get lost in the music. I've now been to somewhere in the stratusphere of 100 concerts in my 24+ years. Tonight i'm going to see Rise Against for the first time. Rise Against are a Concious-Punk Pop group from Chicago, IL who are sure to rock the stage... definetly one of my favourite bands! As for Thrice... pretty much my favourite band in the world right now, hands down! I've had the chance to see Thrice 6 times(The Double Thrice) and they never seem to dissappoint. Thrice started off as a Punk/Metal band in Irvine Cali. They have really come into their own over the past couple years mixing many genres/styles, incorporating many different sounds, while still keeping that in your face Punk/Metal style. This is sure to be one effin' amazing concert!!!

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