Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's shaping up to be quite an interesting season. Everyone and their grandmother has counted out the 2008-2009 leafs. We have added a bundle of fresh young faces to our lineup. We are finally structuring our team around youth... a new concept for the shkeafs, instead of the usual trade all of our youth away for washed up/cry baby veterans with bad knees... yeah that means you, Sperm Stacheo Nolan! So with this strong foundation of youth, hart, and grit why couldn't the leafs be a contender for the cup in 2009? I say this half jokingly of course but seriously! I really don't think anyone is beating the Habs this season but as far as the rest of the Northeast Division goes... The Sens are looking pretty rough around the edges with goaltender trouble and a weak defense. The Sabres and Bruins both seem to be in the same situation they were in last season with the exception of Patrice Bergeron's return but who knows if he'll be the player that he once was after a near career ending hit last season. I'm thinking this season will be a bit of an emotional roller coaster for Leaf fans but in the end we might just have to consider this to be a 6 month preseason leading into the 2009-2010 season. The fact of the matter is that we are now in a rebuilding stage. The Penguins are a prime example what a team can do after rebuilding. The Pens cleaned house, drafted a couple of amazing players and launched an arsenal on the league eventually coming only a couple games shy of winning a Stanley Cup. I know it's been 41 years and it may not be this year but we're building a team to bring home that cup baby... you just gotta beLEAF!!!

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