Friday, October 31, 2008


HEEEEEEY NOW...... Okay, I would like to start off by apologizing to the people who actually read my Blog as I seem to have been out of commission there for a bit. The layoff has given me an abundance of garbage to blather on about though! Soooo I guess I'll start off with a strange night in sports on Wednesday to say the least. We had a 3 inning ball game to win the holy grail of Baseball. A Canadian, YES! a Canadian wins the world series EH! Much to the surprise of Phillies fans there was actually a basketball game Wednesday night... 6000 strong showed up to cheer the Sixers to defeat against our Raps. The Leafs win in a shootout??? I woke up this morning to gather myself with a bowl of fruit loops and some Sportscenter(DA DA DA, DA DA DA). It was all true... this Helloween inspired night of odd sports occurrences actually happened. So I guess we're at the point now where I say I was wrong about my boys(the Tampa Bay New Jays) bringing home the title. I put my money on the horse but she broke her leg at the end of the race and she had to be put down. There I was sitting at the edge of my couch throwing back cans of liquid gold thinking that maybe... just maybe my horse could climb back, waiting anxiously for an Evan Longoria BOMB Ala Joe Carter, a Johnny Damon-esk Grand Slam by BJ Upton... something! In the end it was definitely Philly's night, undefeated at home in the 2008 playoffs... how about that? Gotta hand it to em. You must admit though... what a freakin' exciting ride it was for the Rays. Such a young team, little to no playoff experience, 10 years of terrible baseball with last year being the worst in franchise history. They come back this year to top the AL East, 2nd in the AL, 3rd in the league. Anywho... the 2008 baseball season is finito, hurray for the 2009 World Series Champion Toronto Blue Jays. The Raptors were looking pretty good Wednesday after the ugliest 1st quarter of basketball ever. Bosh hit 27 points, 11 boards... Kapono looked pretty nasty draining a couple treys for 15 points, my boy Jose with 13 points and the news that all Raps fans were waiting for...... Jermaine O'Neil 17 points, 8 boards, 0 injuries! 1-0, way to go BOYS! As for the Leafs... lets just leave that one alone. We won in a shootout??? I'm still in a state of shock... too much so to comment. I Guess that pretty much wraps up the night. I decided to save the best for last, wanted to give a big Congrats to (STONE COLD) Matty Stairs!!! Stairsy is a stand up guy, he's one of the classiest and most loved players in the game. The 40 year old pride of Saint John, New Brunswick has played 15 seasons in the bigs, has represented Canada on the international stage, has played for 11 teams in his career including the Expo's and the Blue Jays, and now has a world series to add to his belt. Way to go Stairsy... Canada loves ya! I'm out, Later Kids...

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