Friday, October 10, 2008

Harper The Clown... It's time for change!!!

Well... here we are again, Election time... already? Here we are nearly 3 years into the Harper regime with a Conservative minority government which has not worked to say the very least, just imagine what an effin' nightmare a Conservative majority government would be! I find it pretty ridiculous that this douche bag PM calls an election that completely defies his own law regarding election timing... has it been 4 years? I'm not sure... my math isn't too good, let me break out the calculator. Harper has led us into the gutter, leaving a financial mess and our economy in shambles. In 3 years he has turned a record budget surplus into a deficit. He lost 2 billion+ dollars of tax revenue on a ridiculous income trust policy. He raised the personal income tax rate for the lowest bracket to help pay for record government spending... Spent upwards of $150,000 per weapon to arm border guards... He spent a massive amount on advertising prior to an election call. His Green shift otherwise known as the the I'll do nothing about climate change or the environment until forced to by the polls is a joke. Broke his promise on providing a health care waiting time guarantee. Pumped 2500 troops into Afghanistan slating 2011 as our pull out date, a couple years too late! He promised Veterans widows benefits and reneged. Forced another senseless vote in Parliament on same sex marriage. The list is endless, this guy is a clown! Above all he thinks that this is doing a service to Canadians! Where is Laurena Bobbit when you need her? Enough broken promises! Enough lies! SCREW Stephen Harper! it's time for change!!!


Emily E said...

Please. You don't think a list of broken promises couldn't be made for the Liberals? They're no different.

fr0id said...

I'm not saying that the Liberals wouldn't break promises, that would be just ridiculous! The problem is that politicians promise the world and they can't deliver no matter how sincere they really are. What i'm saying is that where the conservatives have faultered the Liberals may succeed. Quite frankly I don't see Harper as a Leader but clearly people dissagree. Thats just my opinion... know what im sayin'? Thanks for reading my Blog BTW im glad i could stir up the political pot there!